BoJack Horseman: Thoughts and Prayers
September 13, 2017 12:20 AM - Season 4, Episode 5 - Subscribe

A mass shooting at a mall creates a PR nightmare for Princess Carolyn. BoJack takes Hollyhock to visit his estranged mother.
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I think it's time to call out the incredible Courtney Portnoy tongue-twister rhymes.
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Yep and Amy Sedaris brings her A game for those tongue-twisters.
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[In California congressional hearing]
Someone in a lab coat: So you see, the trigger was specifically designed for a man's grip and a man's temperament.
Diane: Look, all I'm saying is maybe you shouldn't blame women for wanting guns. Maybe you should blame the constant societal messaging that tells us we are safe only as long as the men around us allow us to be. So if you have a problem with women carrying firearms, you can roll up your sleeves and actually work to create a society where women feel safe and equal, or you can just ban all guns.

[GAVEL BANGING] - The ayes have it. Possession of any firearm is now illegal in the state of California.
- We did it, boys.
- Huzzah!
- Yes!
- Congratulations!
- Fabulous!

Diane: I thought that was gonna go the other way.
Princess Carolyn (?): Wow, Diane. You just passed sensible gun legislation.
Diane: I can't believe this country hates women more than it loves guns.


And the dementia story line wasn't too light, either. Both really well done, with jabs of comedy, but mostly serious .
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This season is really knocking it out of the park!
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I know it's right there in the title, but shout out to the genius way they nerfed the expression "thoughts and prayers" through mindless, knee-jerk repetition.
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I am hugely triggered by a cartoon horse's relationship with his cartoon horse mother.
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I do wish that this episode had gone harder on making explicit that California gun control coming about as the result of an oppressed group suddenly having guns of their own was in fact a real thing.

Personally, I strongly suspect that the NRA does not hate (white and Asian) women more than it loves guns, and they would be just pleased as punch if (white and Asian) women started carrying them as protection from those scary, urban men.
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