American Horror Story: 11/9
September 27, 2017 6:37 PM - Season 7, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The origin of the cult revealed.
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My god this show is dumb. Capital D dumb.

Chaz Bono is great in this episode though.
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The Beverly Hope character, and attempting to co-op/turn her, was interesting. The show has completely diverged from reality now - the horror feels like more of a "modern" "re-imagined" origins/workings of some random cult and the politics is just polluting the story.

Take all the "real news" politics out of this, or have it as the backdrop, and focus on how a charismatic psychopath who really understands psychology on an instinctual level can manipulate frustrated/angry/fearful people.

As it is, it (the politcs mirroring) is detracting from the story and just trying to extract liberal tears and annoy people - as a naked ratings grab. That stuff is like the slurrrrppping noise from sucking on a straw in an empty takeout softdrink cup with a few ice cubes left drowning out what could be an interesting story.

The conversation between Winters and Ivy reveals another reason why the "real news" stuff is leaned on so heavily - the writers got lazy. A similar kind of conversation without referencing very recent history like that would have taken a lot more work; there were so many shorthands and hotbuttons and sorespots in that script.

A bit surprised, but not too much (if she got even a hint of the series' script), that Emma Roberts is only a guest star this season. She got her job done, though.
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I kind of like Parks N Rec, But With Murder....... I binged it yesterday, and really enjoyed Craig, I mean Mr. Wilton
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Plucky young lad just wants to run for city council, many highjinks occur along his campaign..... he's got some wacky friends, there's a news lady who lost it and beat someone with her microphone......
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