Will & Grace: 11 Years Later
September 29, 2017 7:23 AM - Season 9, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Eleven years after last being seen, Will and Grace's political beliefs are put to the test.
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I thought this was pretty fun....though I guess one has to give a bit of a pass to the absurdity of them ending up in the Oval Office. I didn't expect quite this level of Trump bashing - while it was amusing, I do think it might get old after a few episodes.

"WHOA, what's with the Laura Bush pour? Gimme the full Pat Nixon!!"
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I remember Nancy and I chasing Ronnie around that desk with a scoop of tuna in an ice cream cone, telling him it was mint chocolate chip.

I thought their timing was still really tight, and Karen is one of my favorite characters. She and Jack are the best second bananas ever.

The comedy felt kinda forced though. But first show out, after a ten year absence, and I'm willing to give it more time.
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Who relates to Pat Nixon jokes? Heck, she wasn't known as an alcoholic or anything, is it supposed to be a softened up Betty Ford joke? "Just change the name, nobody will notice."
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This felt less like a sequel to the series than it did a sequel to the thing they did before the election. And I guess that's okay. And I hope there's an audience for it. Will & Grace has a lot of hardcore fans that love it, flaws and all, and they are generally people I want to be happy. (I share a bed with one currently and have shared beds with some in the past too!)

The foursome are very talented (not to mention that old NBC Must See TV money must mean you don't have to age like normal people), and the women are both people I'd watch in almost anything, so I'll stay turned.

Who relates to Pat Nixon jokes?

I totally agree, but if we're to assume Karen is supposed to be Megan Mullally's age, this joke does mean Karen was drinking martinis in the Oval Office in her teens, so that's relatively funny (though you're right Betty Ford is funnier but also meaner, which honestly for a show that's so "groundbreaking", is very Will & Grace - they pull their punches more often than not, which is probably better for the long-term success of a sitcom but not always as funny.)

[I obviously have lots of thoughts about Will & Grace macro, not so much the episode itself.]
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It seems weird to dissect a joke in a sitcom, but from a pure comedy standpoint, going with the two ladies known to be public teetotallers was the joke. It wraps the element of surprise in a callback to republicans being public liars about private vices.

I though that was one of the funnier lines. But I've always suspected that Pat must have needed Prince Valium and the Scotch quartet to find her way to the marriage bed. Because who the fuck would sleep with Tricksy sober?
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