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January 26

Book: The Devil in Silver by Victor Lavalle

New Hyde Hospital’s psychiatric ward has a new resident. It also has a very, very old one. [more inside]
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January 25

Book: 1000 Words

In 2018, novelist Jami Attenberg, faced with a looming deadline, needed writing inspiration. Using a bootcamp model, she and a friend set out to write one thousand words daily for two weeks straight. They opened this practice to Attenberg’s online community and soon hundreds then thousands of people started using the #1000WordsofSummer hashtag to track their work and support one another. What began as a simple challenge between two friends has become a literary movement—write 1,000 words per day without judgment, or bias, or concerns about writer’s block, and see what comes of it. 1000 Words is the book-length extension of this movement. [more inside]
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January 20

Book: Hell Is a World Without You

(Kirkus) "In Kirk’s debut novel, an American teen traverses his high school years while struggling to hold on to his Christian faith." [more inside]
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January 19

Book: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Welcome to Bascom, North Carolina, where it seems that everyone has a story to tell about the Waverley women. The house that's been in the family for generations, the walled garden that mysteriously blooms year round, the rumours of dangerous loves and tragic passions. Every Waverley woman is somehow touched by magic. [more inside]
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January 15

Book: Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge

Halloween, 1963. They call him the October Boy, or Ol' Hacksaw Face, or Sawtooth Jack. Whatever the name, everybody in this small Midwestern town knows who he is. How he rises from the cornfields every Halloween, a butcher knife in his hand, and makes his way toward town, where gangs of teenage boys eagerly await their chance to confront the legendary nightmare. Both the hunter and the hunted, the October Boy is the prize in an annual rite of life and death. [more inside]
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January 9

Book: Black River Orchard

Bucks County, Pa.: Home to new money and old evil. Amid the McMansions, a small farmer struggles to keep his homestead along the Delaware River. Dan Paxson has started a small orchard in hopes that his new crop--a formerly-lost apple he calls Ruby Slipper--will save him and his daughter, Calla. But despite its heavenly taste, this is a very bad apple indeed, as the townspeople will soon discover. Chuck Wendig's Black River Orchard is fast-moving horror that, well, grows on you. Do not eat apples while reading! [more inside]
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January 6

Book: Behind Her Eyes

When Louise, a single mom, shares a drunken kiss with a man in a bar, it starts a chain of events that she could not possibly imagine. [more inside]
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December 30, 2023

Book: The New Life

In 1894, John Addington and Henry Ellis (fictionalized versions of John Addington Symonds and Havelock Ellis) begin corresponding toward writing a scientific study of homosexuality called Sexual Inversion. The book--its writing and reception--are thrown into chaos by the trial of Oscar Wilde, but there is a deeper chaos in each man's life which will be exposed.
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December 28, 2023

Book: Grave Expectations

"When 30-something freelance medium Claire Hendricks is invited to an old university friend's country pile to provide entertainment for a family party, her best friend Sophie tags along. In fact, Sophie rarely leaves Claire's side, because she's been haunting her ever since she was murdered at the age of seventeen. ... Teaming up with the least unbearable members of the Wellington-Forge family - depressive ex-cop Basher and teenage radical Alex - Claire and Sophie determine to figure out not just whodunnit, but who they killed, why and when." [more inside]
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December 26, 2023

Book: The Color of Wealth

The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the U.S. Racial Wealth Divide
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December 24, 2023

Book: How Civil Wars Start

"Drawing on the latest international research and lessons from over twenty countries, Walter identifies the crucial risk factors, from democratic backsliding to factionalization and the politics of resentment. A civil war today won’t look like America in the 1860s, Russia in the 1920s, or Spain in the 1930s. It will begin with sporadic acts of violence and terror, accelerated by social media. It will sneak up on us and leave us wondering how we could have been so blind."
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December 23, 2023

Book: Pageboy / Elliot Page

"Full of intimate stories, from chasing down secret love affairs to battling body image and struggling with familial strife, Pageboy is a love letter to the power of being seen. With this evocative and lyrical debut, Oscar-nominated star Elliot Page captures the universal human experience of searching for ourselves and our place in this complicated world." -- MacMillan [more inside]
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December 22, 2023

Book: Assistant to the Villain

ASSISTANT WANTED: Notorious, high-ranking villain seeks loyal, levelheaded assistant for unspecified office duties, supporting staff for random mayhem and terror, and other Dark Things In General. Discretion a must. Excellent benefits. [more inside]
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December 19, 2023

Book: Asterix and the White Iris

"A strange new philosophy is gaining popularity amongst the Roman soldiers, spearheaded by the charismatic Isivertuus. When its enchanting influence reaches the Gauls, everything they once held dear is turned upside down. As news of the dire situation reaches Asterix and Obelix, they embark on a thrilling quest to confront Isivertuus and restore the indomitable spirit of the Gauls. Armed with their trademark humour, bravery, and trusty magic potion, can our heroic duo save the Chief's wife and break the spell of the White Iris?" [more inside]
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December 13, 2023

Book: Starter Villain

Inheriting your uncle's supervillain business is more complicated than you might think. Particularly when you discover who's running the place. [more inside]
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December 11, 2023

Book: The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School / Sonora Reyes

"A sharply funny and moving debut novel about a queer Mexican American girl navigating Catholic school, while falling in love and learning to celebrate her true self. Perfect for fans of Erika L. Sánchez, Leah Johnson, and Gabby Rivera." -- HarperCollins [more inside]
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December 7, 2023

Book: Keeper of Enchanted Rooms - by Charlie N. Holmberg

Rhode Island, 1846. Estranged from his family, writer Merritt Fernsby is surprised when he inherits a remote estate in the Narragansett Bay. Though the property has been uninhabited for more than a century, Merritt is ready to call it home—until he realizes he has no choice. With its doors slamming shut and locking behind him, Whimbrel House is not about to let Merritt leave. Ever. [more inside]
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November 28, 2023

Book: Endgame: Inside the Royal Family And the Monarchy's Fight For Survival

"In the past I, like others, have held back on revealing some of the darker truths at the heart of the institution of the British monarchy...But as the once-majestic brocade of the royal family continued to fade and fray behind the scenes and on the front page, I was increasingly convinced that it was time to write this book." Royal reporter Omid Scobie writes about the decline of the monarchy. [more inside]
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Book: System Collapse - Martha Wells

The seventh entry in Wells’ Murderbot Diaries series, and set immediately following the events of Network Effect, finds everyone’s favorite SecUnit dealing with humans, colonists, nefarious corporations, and its own mental health. [more inside]
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Book: Zeroville by Steve Erickson

On the same August day in 1969 that a crazed hippie ''family'' led by Charles Manson commits five savage murders in the canyons above Los Angeles, a young ex-communicated seminarian arrives with images of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift - ''the two most beautiful people in the history of the movies'' - tattooed on his head. [more inside]
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