Narrative Games

This club will meet on a monthly basis, and share discussion for a game with a heavy focus on narrative. Also covers experimental games and interactive fiction.

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January 8

Doki Doki Literature Club

DDLC is a perfectly normal visual novel dating sim about the high school literature club, where you write poems and meet four cute girls. Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, and, of course, Monika. Content warnings.
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April 12

Narrative Games Club: Night in the Woods Discussion Thread

Night in the Woods is a side scrolling adventure game from Infinite Fall studios. NITW follows the story of Mae Borowski, a young adult who has recently dropped out of college and returned to her struggling hometown of Possum Springs. Spending her days aimlessly exploring and hanging out with friends, Mae starts to uncover a dark mystery involving a severed arm, a mysterious figure in a cloak, and her own nightmares. [more inside]
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April 2

Narrative Games Club 2: Night in the Woods

We'll be discussing the recently released game Night in the Woods and its free side-games as well on Wednesday, April 12th. NITW is available on most major platforms.
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March 18

Gone Home

Gone Home is a narrative/exploration game from The Fullbright Company. You play as a young woman who arrives one rainy night at her family's recently inherited home, where nobody appears to be around. By finding notes, letters, and other items around the house, you learn what your mother, father, and younger sister, Samantha, have been up to in your absence.
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March 4

Narrative Games Club, 1: Planning

Following past discussion (here and here) there's interest in discussing games with a heavy narrative component. If you're interested, then follow us, and join the discussion. A few options have been floated, details inside. [more inside]
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