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The further adventures of the time traveling alien adventurer and his companions.


Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time  Season 10, Episode 13

Two Doctors stranded in a forbidding snowscape, refusing to face regeneration. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls  Season 10, Episode 12

The Master - in his John Simm incarnation, prior to regenerating into Missy - has unmasked himself, seemingly having been behind the cyber-conversion project on the lowest, and thus slowest, level of the Mondasian time-dilated colony ship. One of the products of that cyber-conversion project being Bill Potts... [more inside]
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Doctor Who: World Enough and Time  Season 10, Episode 11

The Doctor, intent on seeing if Missy can be redeemed, sets her a test. Things do not go according to plan. We meet an old enemy, in unexpected circumstances. And another old enemy, in equally unexpected circumstances. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light  Season 10, Episode 10

A hunt for the lost Ninth Roman Legion leads the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole into the middle of an ancient battle that could cast humanity into the dark forever.
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Doctor Who: Empress of Mars  Season 10, Episode 9

'God save the Queen' has been scrawled on the surface of Mars... [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Lie of the Land  Season 10, Episode 8

Bill must convince the Doctor that humanity is in danger, when the world is gripped by an Orwellian mass delusion. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Pyramid at the End of the World  Season 10, Episode 7

An ‘ancient’ pyramid appears overnight. Every clock in the world begins counting down to the Earth’s destruction. Three opposing armies lie ready to annihilate each other. It’s a terrifying race against time to save the world! [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Extremis  Season 10, Episode 6

In the Haereticum — the Vatican’s secret library of blasphemy — there is an ancient book known only as The Veritas. Throughout history, anyone who has ever read it has immediately taken their own life. Now a new translation is online, and the danger is spreading. The Vatican appeals to the Doctor. Will he read The Veritas? But can even the Doctor survive the ultimate truth? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Oxygen  Season 10, Episode 5

"Space... the final frontier. Final because it wants to kill us. Sometimes we forget that, start taking it all for granted — the suits, the ships, the little bubbles of safety — as they protect us from the void. But the void is always waiting." - The Doctor [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Knock Knock  Season 10, Episode 4

Bill is moving in with some friends and they’ve found the perfect house – so what if it’s strangely cheap to rent, and the landlord is a little creepy? The wind blows, the floorboards creak and the Doctor thinks something is very wrong. What lurks in the strange tower at the heart of the building – and why can’t they find any way to enter it? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Thin Ice  Season 10, Episode 3

Bill's crash course in how to be a Companion of the Doctor continues as she learns that the Tardis can be more inclined to take you where you need to be than where you want to go, and that 2,000 years of crisis intervention can do odd things to your humanity, especially when you're not actually human in the first place. Hard questions are asked. Hard lessons are learned. Nazis Racist imperialists are punched. And under the frozen Thames of 1814, the lights are circling... [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Pilot  Season 10, Episode 1

The Doctor and Nardole have occupied themselves under the guise of a university professor and assistant. Bill Potts is called to the Doctor's office, where Bill becomes the Doctor's student. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio  Season 9, Episode 14

The Doctor join forces with a masked Superhero for an epic New York adventure. With brain-swapping aliens poised to attack, the Doctor and Nardole link up with an investigative reporter and a mysterious figure known only as The Ghost. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song  Season 10, Episode 1

It is Christmas Day on a remote human colony, and the Doctor is hiding from Christmas carols and comedy antlers. But when a crashed spaceship calls upon the Doctor for help, he finds himself recruited into River Song's squad and hurled into a fast and frantic chase across the galaxy. King Hydroflax is furious, and his giant robot bodyguard is out of control and coming for them all! Will Nardole survive? And when will River Song work out who the Doctor is? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Hell Bent  Season 9, Episode 12

If you took everything from him, betrayed him, trapped him, and broke both his hearts... how far might the Doctor go? Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor faces the Time Lords in a struggle that will take him to the end of time itself. Who is the Hybrid? And what is the Doctor's confession? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Heaven Sent  Season 9, Episode 11

Trapped in a world unlike any other he has seen, the Doctor faces the greatest challenge of his many lives. One final test. And he must face it alone. Pursued by the fearsome creature known only as the Veil, he must attempt the impossible. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Face The Raven  Season 9, Episode 10

The Doctor and Clara, with their old friend Rigsy, find themselves in a magical alien world, hidden on a street in the heart of London. Sheltered within are some of the most fearsome creatures of the universe, and Ashildr! With a death sentence hanging over their heads, not all of the intruders will get out alive. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Sleep No More  Season 9, Episode 9

This terrifying story is assembled from footage discovered in the wreckage of Le Verrier Space Station. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion   Season 9, Episode 8

Shapeshifting Zygons are everywhere in the UK, and there is no way of knowing who to trust. With UNIT neutralised, only the Doctor stands in their way. But how do you stop a war? And what can the Doctor do to save his friends? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Zygon Invasion  Season 9, Episode 7

The Zygons, a race of shapeshifting aliens, have been living in secret amongst us on Earth, unknown and unseen - until now! When Osgood is kidnapped by a rogue gang of Zygons, the Doctor, Clara and Unit must scatter across the world in a bid to set her free. But will they reach her in time, and can they stop an uprising before it is too late? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Series 9: 6. The Woman Who Lived  Season 9, Episode 6

England, 1651. Deadly highwayman 'the Knightmare' and his sidekick stalk the dark streets of London. But when they find loot that is not of this world, they come face to face with the Doctor. Who is the Knightmare in league with? And can the Doctor avoid the hangman's noose and protect the Earth from a devilish betrayal? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Girl Who Died  Season 9, Episode 5

Captured by Vikings, the Doctor and Clara must help protect their village from space warriors from the future, the Mire. Outnumbered and outgunned, their fate seems inevitable. So why is the Doctor preoccupied with a single Viking girl? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Before the Flood  Season 9, Episode 4

On a remote army outpost, a fearsome alien warlord called the Fisher King sets in motion a twisted plan to ensure his own survival. The ripples will be felt around the universe. Is this chain of events inevitable? And can the Doctor do the unthinkable? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Under the Lake  Season 9, Episode 3

When an underwater base comes under attack, the Doctor and Clara must save the frightened crew and defeat an impossible threat. But what is behind these terrifying events? And can they really be haunted by ghosts? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Witch's Familiar  Season 9, Episode 2

Trapped and alone on the terrifying planet Skaro, the Doctor is at the heart of the evil Dalek Empire - no sonic, no TARDIS, nobody to help. With his greatest temptation before him, can the Doctor resist? And will there be mercy? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Magician's Apprentice  Season 9, Episode 1

'Where is the Doctor?' When the skies of Earth are frozen by a mysterious alien force, Clara needs her friend. But where is the Doctor, and what is he hiding from? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Last Christmas  Season 8, Episode 13

The Doctor and Clara team up at the North Pole with Santa Claus against face-hugging aliens who eat brains. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Death in Heaven  Season 8, Episode 12

In the last in the current series, Missy's plan comes to fruition, the Doctor gets a temporary promotion, the dead come home and they've got shiny new suits. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Dark Water  Season 8, Episode 11

After a phone call is abruptly terminated, Clara and the Doctor go in search of Danny Pink. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace  Rewatch   Season 2, Episode 4

First off, TARDISODE 4! Right, and we're off! And it's a good one! Girl in the Fireplace. Mickey and Rose find themselves on an abandoned spaceship in the Dagmar Cluster, two and a half galaxies away from earth. Inside the spaceship is a French fireplace and some very very nice robots. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: In the Forest of the Night  Season 8, Episode 10

The Doctor, Clara, Danny and a classful of children find themselves in a mysterious forest that has grown up in central London - and all over the world - overnight. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Flatline  Season 8, Episode 9

While the Doctor is trapped in a tiny Tardis, Clara has to save Bristol and the world from invaders from a flat universe who have come to steal our dimensions. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: School Reunion  Rewatch   Season 2, Episode 3

Physics, Physics, physics physics physics. (First of all, let's get Tardisode 3 out the way) The Doctor is teaching Physics, but one of the children knows far too much! Rose is working as a Dinner Lady Anthony Head is.... Sinister [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express  Season 8, Episode 8

The Doctor takes Clara on one last holiday on board an Orient Express that flies through space. But there's an ancient monster on board, and once you see it you have sixty-six seconds to live. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Tooth and Claw  Rewatch   Season 2, Episode 2

We open on Kung Fu Monks in a Scottish Castle, cos, yeah ok, why not I guess... The Doctor and Rose travel to the 1970's to catch Ian Dury in sheffield 1979, but end up in Victorian Scotland to meet the queen and determine why there are buddhist kung fu monks in a Scottish castle. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Kill The Moon  Season 8, Episode 7

The Doctor takes Courtney on a trip to be to be the first woman on the moon, however it turns out the moon is not what it seems. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: New Earth  Books Included   Season 2, Episode 1

A sequel of sorts to The End Of The World featuring the return of Cassandra. The Doctor and Rose travel to New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York in the year 5,000,000,023 and enter a hospital run by CatNuns! But the catnuns are hiding a terrible secret. But First.... {we're a bit out of sync cos I called the Christmas special episode 1 and fanfare doesn't like there being two threads numbered that.. unless maybe I can cheat and make it a different category, sorry for all the trouble} [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Caretaker  Season 8, Episode 6

Coal Hill School has a new caretaker and an unwelcome visitor. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion  Rewatch   Season 2, Episode 1

First of all start with this: Children in need regeneration special. Now, onto the episode! The newly regenerated Doctor, suffering side effects from his regeneration, crash lands the TARDIS in London. He exits to meet Jackie Tyler and Mickey, and collapses in front of them. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Time Heist  First Watch   Season 8, Episode 5

The Doctor turns bank robber when he is given a task he cannot refuse - steal from the most dangerous bank in the cosmos. With the help of a beautiful shape-shifter and a cyber-augmented gamer, the Doctor and Clara must fight their way past deadly security, and come face-to-face with the fearsome Teller - a creature of terrifying power that can detect guilt. Description from BBC
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Doctor Who: Parting of The Ways  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 13

The Dalek fleet is poised to destroy the Earth and only The Doctor, Rose, Jack and a band of television producers can stop them. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Listen  Season 8, Episode 4

The Doctor goes in search of whatever it is that's under the bed when we wake up, terrified, at night. This takes him, and Clara, into Danny Pink's childhood, to the end of the Universe and a barn in the distant past where a frightened boy is trying to sleep. Meanwhile, Clara has several shots at the same date with Danny. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Bad Wolf  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 12

The Doctor, Rose, and Jack Harkness find themselves separated, waking up with temporary amnesia in various mid 2000's television game shows. The Doctor finds himself in a Big Brother house hosted by the Davinadroid, Rose ends up on the set of The Weakest Link hosted by Anne Droid, and Jack wakes up facing two female androids who offer to give him a makeover on a show similar to What Not to Wear. This won't date badly, not at all. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood  Season 8, Episode 3

In a sun-dappled Sherwood Forest, the Doctor discovers an evil plan from beyond the stars and strikes up an unlikely alliance with Robin Hood. With all of Nottingham at stake, the Doctor must decide who is real and who is fake.
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Doctor Who: Boom Town  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 11

The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack arrive in Cardiff in the year 2005. Mickey Smith arrives by train. The Tardis is there to refuel at the Cardiff Rift formed in 1869 but whilst enjoying lunch they spot the face of the escaped Margaret Blaine (containing the Slitheen Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day.) [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Into The Dalek  Season 8, Episode 2

In the midst of a warzone, the soldiers occupying Aristotle, a secret human outpost, have captured a lone Dalek. This Dalek is so damaged that it has come to view its own kind as evil, and claims it wants to help the humans exterminate the Dalek legions. When the Doctor and Clara arrive on Aristotle, they are miniaturised and sent into the body of the Dalek itself, in the hope of understanding what has happened to it. As the Doctor confronts the question of whether there can ever be such a thing as a good Dalek, he must also confront the hatred in his own heart. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Doctor Dances  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 10

Second Part of a two parter: See Part One (The Empty Child) The Child's plague is spreading throughout wartime London, and its zombie army is on the march. The Ninth Doctor and Rose form an alliance with intergalactic con man Captain Jack, but find themselves trapped in the abandoned hospital. They head to the crash site of Jack's supposed space junk and discover the ground zero for the mysterious plague. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Deep Breath  Season 8, Episode 1

In Victorian London, the Paternoster Gang, comprising of Silurian Madame Vastra, her human maid and wife Jenny, and Sontaran butler Strax, are summoned by the police force when a dinosaur suddenly materialises outside the Houses of Parliament. Vastra observes that the dinosaur has something stuck in its throat, and moments later it spits out the TARDIS onto the banks of the Thames. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Empty Child  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 9

Chasing a metallic object through the Time Vortex, the Ninth Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler, arrive in London during the Blitz. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Fathers Day  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 8

The Doctor takes Rose back to the day her father died. Rose, in a moment of weakness saves her fathers life. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Long Game  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 7

The Doctor, Rose and Brand New Companion, who I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of arrive at Satellite 5 in the year 200000. Something is not as it should be! The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe has taken over the station and is using it to control the lives of the people below. Ultimately the Doctor destroys it by futzing with the environmental systems, but is there a longer game afoot? [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Dalek  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 6

The Doctor and Rose follow a distress signal and end up in Utah, in the far flung future year of 2012. They find themselves in a museum of sorts full of alien artefacts. This is the private collection of a very rich and powerful man called Henry Van Statten. The only living part of his collection is an alien he calls The Metaltron, but is in fact, A DALEK! The doctor is terribly cross that a Dalek has survived the Time War. He tries to destroy the Dalek, but it escapes after using Rose's DNA and presumably time travel energy (Blinovitch Limitation Energy) and kills it's way through the base. Eventually the stolen DNA causes it to mutate into a creature which feels emotions other than hate, and after basking in sunlight, it finally self destructs. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: World War Three  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 5

A two parter with Aliens of London the Doctor and Rose (and mickey the idiot) stop a coup d'etat of green farty aliens. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Aliens of London  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 4

The Doctor accidentally returns Rose to London a year too late, but get's away with it because everyone is distracted by a spaceship crashing into Big Ben. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 3

The Doctor and Rose travel into the past, Cardiff 1869 where the dead are more lively than they ought to be. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The End of the World  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 2

The Doctor takes Rose on her first trip in the TARDIS to the year 5,000,000,000, where wealthy alien delegates have gathered on observation space station Platform One to watch the Sun expand and destroy the Earth. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Rose  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 1

Rose Tyler is an ordinary shop worker living an ordinary life in 21st century Britain. But that life is turned upside down when a strange man calling himself The Doctor drags her into an alien invasion attempt. [more inside]
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