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A look at the professional and personal lives of the staff at New York's Knickerbocker Hospital during the early part of the twentieth century.

The Knick: Crutchfield  Season 1, Episode 10

Thackery kills a patient, Caroline makes life-changing decisions, Everett fails his wife--again, Edwards is selfishly aware only of his own pain, Bertram grows up, Barrow gets dick-punched by Collier for once more falling behind on payments.  [more inside]
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The Knick: The Golden Lotus  Season 1, Episode 9

Thackery does lots of coke. Everett prescribes an emetic  to someone with an eating disorder. Barrow gets salt water from his loan shark instead of cocaine. Disregarding the evidence in front of his nose, Bertie hits on Nurse Elkins and she gaslights him. Bertie also refuses to admit that Thackery is a hop-head. There is one patient in The Knick who doesn't care that Dr. Edwards is black. Finally, we learn that 'golden lotus' means foot not a portion of a woman's nether regions. ‎ [more inside]
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The Knick: Working Late A Lot  Season 1, Episode 8

Thackery does drugs. Typhoid Mary goes to trial. Bertie's father pressures Thackery. Barrow goes looking for money. [more inside]
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The Knick: Get the Rope  Season 1, Episode 7

An Irish mob storms The Knick leading to strange bedfellows. [more inside]
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The Knick: Start Calling Me Dad  Season 1, Episode 6

After a few (very well-done) episodes‎ where he's off-center, Thackery takes center stage to deal with a drug rep, a radical invention, and coming to terms with Dr. Edwards.  [more inside]
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The Knick: They Capture the Heat  Season 1, Episode 5

The Knick has budget problems. Barrow fixes his personal money problems. Thackery does more coke and another patient dies on him. Edwards uses the silver thread in his watch on a patient. Like old-time royalty, a rich person in 1920s NYC had a servant to wipe their ass. (Maybe this still happens, though. Inquiring minds would like to know!) [more inside]
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The Knick: Where's the Dignity?  Season 1, Episode 4

Answer: There is only poverty in poverty and struggle in struggle. [more inside]
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The Knick: The Busy Flea  Season 1, Episode 3

Doc Edwards loses a patient and his composure. Thackery uses cocaine and is inspired by an insipid Southern accent. Barrows lies, cheats, and steals. A contagion is brewing.
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The Knick: Mr. Paris Shoes  Season 1, Episode 2

Dr. Williams starts a side gig because, compassion. He gets into a fight because, badass.  His fellow surgeons keep killing patients and break into someone's personal medical library to forestall admitting they need Williams' expertise. ‎Thackery does more coke.  In hock to the local leg breaker, Mr. Barrows, the hospital administrator, steals from the electrical contractors causing fires, outages, and the death of nurse Not-Lucy. ‎ ‎
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The Knick: Methods and Madness  Season 1, Episode 1

It's NYC, 1900, the Knickerbocker Hospital. A brilliant but troubled surgeon tries cutting-edge procedures with his mentor by his side. His hospital needs those newfangled electric lights, tragedy awaits him, and the hospital board is eager to introduce an unwanted but similarly brilliant new surgeon to the team.‎
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