The Knick: Crutchfield
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Thackery kills a patient, Caroline makes life-changing decisions, Everett fails his wife--again, Edwards is selfishly aware only of his own pain, Bertram grows up, Barrow gets dick-punched by Collier for once more falling behind on payments. 

Caroline is picked up by Clearly, on her way to get an abortion. She's shocked, he's amused. Cleary is very, very amusing. The nun, Harriet, and Caroline meet up and surprise each. Even then Caroline can't be honest about why marrying Phillip wouldn't help the situation since she's only days away from the wedding. ‎
Why Hodgeman wants to do straight acting I don't know. He's not terrible but it's John Hodgeman, you expect him to break character any minute. I've typecast him as a comedian and I doubt anything will change. Sorry, dude.

OMFG. They pulled all Eleanor's teeth. The doc pulled those of his own children too. He then talks about pulling her tonsils and organs if her mental issues didn't abate.  To his credit, Everett does question whether this is accepted medical procedure and the sucess rate. The answers aren't inspiring (no and zero) but, really, it's too late to have asked about treatment. Her teeth are gone! I shudder thinking of what the future will make of current, modern medicine. We're probably barbaric. ‎

Cornelia and Algernon talk and he storms out deciding it's easier to think Cornelia was toying with him than admit to himself what he'd done to her by refusing to perform her abortion.

Dr. Zinberg, the guy Birdie's* father want him to be working with, performs in Thackery's surgery and reveals his groundbreaking idea of differing blood types. ‎Again, we're barbarians. This stuff was only discovered in the 1900s. 

Thackery gives Edwards the lead in all surgeries so he can chase down the blood rejection issues and get ahead of Dr. Zinberg. He wants to win a Nobel prize. He's also coke-addled. And, he sends Bertie to spy on the doc. ‎Even Edwards is aghast at the promotion.

Barrow tries to enlist Thackery's help in getting Ping Wu to off his bookie while Thackery shoots coke into his toes. Even in his less than stellar condition, Thackery laughs at Barrow and warns him that it's an incredibly bad idea. The scene is sublime. 

Cornelia is at a wedding shower and, we learn that Phillip's dad gave ‎his wife family earrings to give Cornelia. Very deliberate. Very subtle. 

Thackery walks in on Everett trying to beat up Edwards in the surgery prep room. Everett is a broken man. It is all his own doing and he doesn't see it, will never see it. Thackery tells Everett to go home--showing how little attention he has paid to those around him. Everett rightly asks what he has at home. He ends up in the asylum comforting Eleanor. Two very broken people. 

Dr. Zinberg says Thackery must have be a good‎ man and an excellent role model to earn Birdie's loyalty. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! He gives his research to Birdie asking for cooperation in solving the riddle because helping people means more than any award.

‎Barrow meets with the opium dealer about killing Bucky Collier, his bookie. He pretends to be protecting Thackery by making the request on behalf of Thackery. This will, I'm ever so sure, end well.

Cornelia's brother shows up on the eve of her wedding with news that Mr. Robertson may be losing his faculties. 

Birdie returns to a paranoid and delusional Thackery who refuses to collaborate and sends Birdie packing. In his maddened state, with only Elkins assisting, Thackery transfuses from himself to an anemic young woman, killing her in the process. 

Instead of attending the wedding, Edwards picks a fight. You'd think by now his reputation (regardless of wins, which I think are non-existant anyway), would indicate he has a problem and people would refuse to engage. The scene ends with Edwards dead or passed out.‎ This does, however, mean the writers don't have to deal with where Edwards would have been seated during the wedding. 

Caroline marries, sells the ring and gives the money to Cleary, and Thack collapses. Elkins asks Birdie for help and it takes the sight of Thackery's abused feet, drugs, and Elkins kissing him, for Birdie to finally, finally get a clue. He calls in his father who is annoyingly smug but who agrees to send Thackery to his rehab practice.‎

While wearing an apron (great idea), Ping Wu kills Collier and his goons in a great, wordless scene. He then goes to on to have a reckoning with Barrow who didn't realize that Thackery always paid so why would he owe a bookie? The reckoning is awesome. Ping Wu is behind Barrow's desk, in his great getup, smoking a cigar, his feet on the desk, and he softly says after reading aloud Barrow's debt from Collier's journals, "I can read left to right, not just up and down." Barrow now owes the same $9K plus the cost of having had Ping Wu kill for him. 

With Mr. Robertson presiding, the Board votes to shutter the Knick and move it uptown as the hospital can't pay for medicine, (Everett was suspended for the fight), their chief surgeon is black, his predecessor is in rehab, and his predecessor committed suicide. 

Laugh Out Loud Moment of the Episode and Final Scene: To relieve his withdrawal in the ensuing months, the doctors at rehab inject Thackery with heroin. But don't worry, it's safe! From the company that brought us aspirin, Bayer! I knew where the scene was going but I loved the reveal nonetheless. 

Modern medicine is utterly barbaric. 

So long, The Knick. I don't think a second series could be half as good so I'm okay if it ends here. The cinematography, the directing, the costuming, all well done. Simply ‎amazing. I tend to focus on the story over these details but these details are as well crafted as the story--sometimes better. ‎

B+‎ for this episode and A- for the entire run. 
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*Meant to add that I preferred Birdie for the nickname as opposed to Bertie.

Anyway, great series and it's too bad more people weren't watching.
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One of the bumps before the show said that Season 2 was scheduled to start filming in June of 2015.
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The Knick won a Peabody.
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I just heard about this show Thursday and just watched the whole season today. I wish the whole show could be about Edwards. I love Clive Owen but the brilliant drug-addicted doctor schtick is so played out.

It'll be interesting to see if he gets cleaned up for season 2 or if it turns into a Nurse Jackie situation.
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I love Clive Owen but the brilliant drug-addicted doctor schtick is so played out.

Yes yes yes so much this; the back half of this season really sagged under the weight of doing the addicted-doctor-hits-rock-bottom arc yet again.

Barrow is so great and so so dumb. Like of course Wu's going to see what's really going on.
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I too called "oh, it's heroin, right?" at the "new, from Bayer" moment.

Also, calling back to Soderbergh's retrospective "this in my mind was very pulpy [...] doctor melodrama" interview comment (linked from ep 1): the cliffhanger of "is Edwards dead or not" -- and that lingering "hey, he looks kinda dead amirite?" shot -- was very very soapy.
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