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Mr. Robot: eps1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v  Season 1, Ep 8

Allsafe is controlled and the Dark Army is prepared to meet Elliot. Tyrell and Joanna’s plan is put into effect.
posted by Catblack on Aug 12, 2015 - 40 comments

Mr. Robot: eps1.6_v1ew-s0urce.flv  Season 1, Ep 7

Mr. Robot attempts to put the band back together. Angela has a cup of tea with a former nemesis. Darlene keeps stalking the Dark Army. Elliott tells his therapist about her dirty socket.
posted by Catblack on Aug 5, 2015 - 16 comments

Mr. Robot: eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf  Season 1, Ep 6

Elliot attempts to hack Vera out of jail in order to save someone he cares about; Tyrell’s “game” gets crazy; and Angela digs deeper into her mother’s death.
posted by Catblack on Jul 29, 2015 - 21 comments

Mr. Robot: eps.1.4_3xpl0its.wmv  Season 1, Ep 5

Fsociety attempts to penetrate Steel Mountain, the most secure data facility in America.
posted by Catblack on Jul 22, 2015 - 16 comments

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