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The 100: Fallen  Season 3, Ep 10

Things get more complicated. Monty makes a break for it, Murphy helps Ontari navigate the unsteady politics of Polis, and ALIE and Jaha try to break down Raven's resistance. [more inside]
posted by suelac on Apr 8, 2016 - 7 comments

Samurai Champloo: Misguided Miscreants (Part 2) (Dark Night's Road 2)  Rewatch   Season 1, Ep 14

(Continued, with more backstory for Mugen, Kohza and Mukuro.) Thinking that Mugen is dead, Kohza finds Jin and Fuu and asks for Jin to kill Mukuro. The double-cross turns into a triple-cross, and in the end, Mugen survives. Kohza does, too, though she wishes she hadn't. [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief on May 10, 2015 - 0 comments

Twin Peaks: The Condemned Woman  Rewatch   Season 2, Ep 16

Fresh off his victory at Appomattox, Ben finds a new cause: The Little Pine Weasel. Audrey catches the eye of handsome exec John Justice Wheeler, and Norma lays down the law with Hank. Meanwhile, Windom Earle sends sinister letters to three of Twin Peaks' top beauties, and the noose tightens on Josie. [more inside]
posted by Strange Interlude on Nov 6, 2014 - 7 comments

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