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November 6, 2014 5:58 PM - Season 2, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Fresh off his victory at Appomattox, Ben finds a new cause: The Little Pine Weasel. Audrey catches the eye of handsome exec John Justice Wheeler, and Norma lays down the law with Hank. Meanwhile, Windom Earle sends sinister letters to three of Twin Peaks' top beauties, and the noose tightens on Josie.

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BONUS STUFF: Twin Peaks' own Ray Wise (aka Leland Palmer) is doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview on Reddit tonight. Go check it out!
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Quick planning note: We're in the home stretch of the series, with only six episodes left to go! We'll be following the same Tues/Thurs posting schedule right up through the week of Thanksgiving.

Since the big finale would land on Turkey Day -- a day solely reserved for food, family, and MST3K marathons -- we're taking the day off and wrapping the whole thing up on November 28th: BLACK LODGE FRIDAY!
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Oh, hey the Josie in a knob scene. I don't know if the writers really knew what they were doing there, but I'd be interested to see if that ever had a payoff in the story bible (I guess we'll find out soon enough with the new series and Frost's book). I feel like, at least from a story mechanics perspective, it's hard to have either Truman or Coop shoot Josie, taking her to prison doesn't make sense, and having her shoot herself is cheap. So she... has a panic attack and gets trapped in a drawer pull. It's a weak ending to a weak story, including having the climax of Eckard being shot happen in a shouted conversation off screen. Two new characters that we never care about doing very vague stuff for a reason that's hard to discern.

The John Justice Wheeler stuff continues the show's previous trend of having men date way, way above their age bracket, which I think becomes even more prominent when Lynch's character shows up either next episode or the one after.
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Oh, hey the Josie in a knob scene. I don't know if the writers really knew what they were doing there

6 minutes into this video Mark Frost credits Lynch with the knob thing. It will briefly come up again in a later S2 episode in a scene involving Pete.
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Huh, I never knew that. I guess that does indicate that there's probably some pay-off in the never produced S3 material. I still don't like it very much as it stands, even with Lynch provenance.
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The John Justice Wheeler stuff continues the show's previous trend of having men date way, way above their age bracket

Let's see...

...Billy Zane (b. 1966) was about 25-26 years old at the time of production, but seemed to be playing the character slightly older, so we'll say 30, tops. If we're using the half-your-age-plus-seven benchmark...

(does math in head)

...yeah, it's still creepy.
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That was a huge disappointment to me - Josie being dismissed as just a common criminal. I think there was a lot more there in that storyline that could have been done. But apparently she asked to be written out of the show. I'm trying not to expect too much for the new show, but I hope her story will continue in it.
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Guest starring... BILLY ZANE! *fart noises forever*

Poor, poor Josie. mr muffins and I agreed that we didn't like her treatment in season 2 and even if her exit was disappointing, at least it's overwith. I feel like she could have been a woman trapped in a hopeless situation without being so utterly debased. It really didn't sit right with me that after Catherine's triumphant season 2 return -- where we see her come out on top of Ben Horne's double-cross, and even show some affection for Pete (and he for her) -- she turns around and is just so utterly evil to Josie, just for the sake of being evil. I feel like both Catherine and Josie deserved better treatment from the writers.
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