My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 379: 6969 Cool Street
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We hope everyone's having a good ol' morning! Remember to set your clocks an hour back, and then throw your clock away, because it's irrelevant under our fresh, new way of telling time. Suggested talking points: Griffin Time, Dr. Fart's Crosswalk Lessons, Mind Games, Homeowner Grift, Four-Word Poem, Killing an Old Ghost With Beans
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Two weeks in a row with non-live shows that are published before noon EST? I'm getting extremely spoiled.
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Oh man I love it when they make episodes!
References to Shelby Woo! More extended spontaneous fiction! Grifting! Ghosts! Oh man i loved every second of this!
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Griffin's new time system dragged on a little but everything else was solid. Truly they managed to synthesise Jay Walker and Dr. Fart into a rich mythology.
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Looking at the map, I don't think there actually is a house built on 6969 Cool Street; looks like an empty plot at a fork in the road.

I think the boys would be safe declaring that there official headquarters, just like Letterman used to do with parts of Iowa.
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Unused Baby Shoes - Cheap almost knocked me down as I was walking home last night.
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Yeah, Google maps will show you where 6969 Cool Street would be if a house was built there. I would surely hope if 6969 Cool Street really existed the boys would have cut that out, because fans couldn't resist burying them with stupid mail.
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In fact, looking at street view it looks like what Google says is 6969 Cool Street is actually located in the 8800 block, so no, don't expect mail to go to anywhere.
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 1:45 PM on November 7, 2017

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