Chapo Trap House: Episode 158 - Double Flynndemnity (11/13/17)
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In this week's episode they consider the Coen Bros worthy, father-son kidnap caper of Michael Flynn Jr. & Sr. and Gulen, break down all of Tuesday's election results, each consider running for office, read about Greta Van Susteren's new APP, and finally, Matt and Virgil make another bet.
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OK at the cost of linking my reddit account to my MeFi account, I transcribed Felix's great rant at 45:00, here it is:
OK Here's Felix's rant from about 45 minutes in since no one's transcribed it yet:
"Bernies's oldness actually helps him

The reson that people like bernie and like corbyn so much is that this stage of neoliberalism is like daycare. Everything has bright fucking pastel colours when you look at ads for shit, you look at ads on the train it's all GrubHub and apps that help you do basic functions.

All the ads are like "you're a little goody-good boy you deserve a treaty-treat today". And when you call your fucking garbage monopoly telecom company 'cuz your shit doesn't work you get like a little infantilizing jingle that they play to tyrannical fat children to calm them down. Like 'do do do do we're trying to get to you" and everything's worse, your money buys less, half your fucking income is going to rent - you're a fucking baby. All these apps do basic things for you because you have no time anymore. You need a fucking app to remind you to drink water because your boss now is like your principal. They call call you now at any time to get you in trouble for anything. School never ends.

And when you're on the phone with your principal, or you're on the phone with the infantilizing customer service, or just everything in this world seems like a daycare. You want an adult to break through and yell at somebody. And that's Bernie! That's your fucking angrygrandfather who at least respects you to tell you how things are, and that's Corbyn. And I think that's why people have an emotional- a little bit of why people have an emotional connection to them."
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