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With another Palmer funeral, Coop prepares to leave Twin Peaks. However, Jean Renault is still nursing a grudge. A wedding is in the works, Nadine returns to high school and Major Briggs goes fishing.
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Well, Coop really did violate federal law when he went to Canada. He even left bodies behind. At least we're at the end of the Vivian nonsense -- I mean, what sort of dining critic goes to a hole-in-the-wall diner in a small town that is owned and run by their own daughter and writes about it? She's the least ethical food writer ever! Too bad Ernie hangs on for a few episodes, as though we needed another Hank.

They have toned way back on Major Briggs particularly erudite manner of self-expression, and it's too bad.

I do find myself liking the Lana Budding storyline, for reasons I can't explain.
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Yeah, Coop getting called on his unorthodox approach to rescuing Audrey actually makes a lot of sense, even if they turn the Mountie into an obligatory villain. However, in a world where Gordon Cole is a high ranking part of the FBI it does sort of make sense that Coop is the one acting offended.

Lana's black widow stuff is actually not that bad, I agree. Especially when considered against some of the other S2 subplots.
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maxsparber, the thing that gets me about the Vivian storyline is that it takes SO long for Norma to twig to her being the food critic, even though EVERY WORD out of the woman's mouth is some picayune criticism of Norma's cooking.

I spent a huge chunk of the Hank/Ernie scene at the end trying to figure out what Ernie's accent was supposed to be. It turns out the actor (James Booth) is English, which honestly would have been my third guess.

Looking back on the double-agent Mountie subplot, giving the character such distinctively creepy-looking facial hair was kind of a stroke of genius, in that you were able to recognize him INSTANTLY when he showed up out of uniform at One-Eyed Jacks.

As for the disappearance of Maj. Briggs, I seem to recall that back in 1990 13-year-old me was absolutely convinced that it was an alien abduction. I was pretty steeped in UFOlogy at that point in time, and the Major's name-drop of Project Blue Book in a previous episode led me to some pretty crackpot theories about a secret alien conspiracy underlying all the weirdness in Twin Peaks. Of course, it took three years before my FBI-vs-extraterrestrial fantasies got their own TV show.
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Thanks for posting again, coda! I haven't been good about watching in sync with the rewatch schedule, but I really enjoy the comments.
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Same here. I look forward to these threads even if I'm not really able to contribute much to them. I'm excited about the new series as long as Lynch is directing.

One thing that is bothering me is that 5 million dollar check. I don't think it is mentioned again after Josie gets it. It probably wasn't any good, but I'd have thought Josie wouldn't accept being cheated like that. And if the check was good, why didn't Josie use it to run away?
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Note for those following the rewatch threads: With codacorolla's blessing, we'll be starting back up with the next episode (S02E11, "Masked Ball") this Tuesday, Oct 21.

From there, we'll resume our customary two-a-week schedule, with new episode threads posted every Tuesday and Thursday for the next six weeks. This will take us all the way through Thanksgiving, ending with the S02 finale on BLACK LODGE FRIDAY, Nov 28.
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Was shocked to see that I'm all up to date now! Despite being really bad at following any kind of schedule. Thanks for the update, Strange Interlude.
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