Runaways: Kingdom
December 8, 2017 11:09 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Just when Alex thought his relationship with his parents couldn't be more strained, an old friend from Geoffrey's past resurfaces, and Alex discovers long-buried secrets about his dad.
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I mentioned in another episode thread that I thought James Marsters and Julian McMahon were looking very similar these days, so you can imagine, this episode was just a liiittle bit confusing at first! I didn't realize until the reveal of McMahon as the guy feeding on the sacrifices that it wasn't Marsters in some weird makeup in the opening flashback.
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Alex has to feel real good about his dad shooting up a group of people who are standing all around him, right?

Even for a bad guy like Geoffrey, that's not a believable human action if we are really supposed to believe he cares about his kid. Maybe they should've cast they guy playing Darius as Geoffrey instead - he at least has some charisma and spark.
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I'm assuming McMahon is Leslie's first husband, as opposed to her dad, so I at least won that speculative debate with mr. logical.

I am baffled by the lack of specificity for the time machine. Surely you would have to give it a specific date and place to look at, rather than "the future in Los Angeles" in order to get any meaningful response, unless his version of Google Assistant/Siri is much more capable of mind reading than mine.

Nico figuring out how to use the staff was great. I'm a little baffled why her mother was so okay with it, but I'll chalk it up to plot convenience, I guess? It doesn't seem like any of PRIDE is really intending to train the kids into joining the Evil League of Evil, but I guess Tina's going to give it a shot.

The occasional startle reflexes for Chase when he's not sure whether his dad's going to hit him always make me sad. (The actor is, unfortunately, pretty wooden when he's with the main cast, though.)
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And finally we get the payoff to Molly's insistence that she's really strong- though she has a way to go before she can take out Wolverine. In fact, nearly everyone gets to show off their superpowers. So, this is progress.
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I'm waiting for the moment Molly takes out the Punisher.
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Question: my 10yo and I love the comics, is the series appropriate for him to watch? We're not prudes and I don't G.A.F about swearing, but I don't know if there's anything that could scar him for life.
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It's not too gory and not particularly scary. The down side is that all the parents of the main teenager characters are bad people who murder teenagers. The kids are conflicted about accepting this but it's clear that's what's happening. If your son has read the comics, he's familiar with that but it might be more disturbing on tV than in comic form.
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The level of violence/adult content/unseemliness is not much higher than say, Arrow, if that gives you an idea.
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