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We're moving on to a new game, new genre and new world as we continue our run of experimental mini-arcs! This time around, Griffin's back in the saddle as GM as we play the Horror-Lite RPG Monster of the Week! Join us in this setup episode if you want to hear about this arc's setting, and get the 411 on our new characters.
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I’m intrigued for this one; probably more so than the last experiment.
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I love how the boys tend to notice and change the same things I notice and want them to change. Like last time I thought I was the only one who didn't like the whole extended backstory thing as much as I liked getting to know the characters via the game. I thought this was a nice little peek into the world without being a lot of exposition about how people feel about stuff.

Another thing I'm noticing is how this time it's Justin who sounds stressed to me, whereas Griffin sounded a lot more relaxed compared to the start of Commitment.

I also was delighted by all the Bunnicula references. When I read that book in 4th or 5th grade it was the funniest book I'd ever read and I think the first book I ever read that I thought was actually funny. Like I would sit there cracking up but also surprised that a book could do that.
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Yeah, Griffin sounded a lot more relaxed during this; more in his element. I'm loving the concept for Clint's character - it just seems to mesh perfectly with the image/style of the game Griffin is describing. I also like Justin's concept; wasn't feeling it so much for Travis's, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Given that character death sounds a lot more common in this game, I'd be really interested to see how they would handle that.
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I am so here for shady grifter Brian Blessed and his suspicious contraband-mobile.
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I was surprised to hear people not know who Brian Blessed is.
But I suppose it's just living in the UK where everyone knows who he is. (if only because everyone in the UK is in audible range of Brian Blessed at all time).
I wonder if Clint will be taking his character down a similar route of wildly outlandish lies which nevertheless might be true? (Did he chew through a babies umbilical cord?
, Did he feed a Yak chocolate buttons on everest? / Is a trained cosmanaut / fucked a wolf I mean, probably not? But maybe?)

Blessed aside, this arc sounds fantastic. The combo of Goth stage magician, shady huckster and disaffected chosen one has so much surface area! Much like Balance made me want to play 5th edition this makes we want to play monster of the week.

Though, Griffin asking for Lady Flame's real name bodes well for keeping the story grounded. Oh also that Travis is addressing Balance by giving himself magic powers and a pet straight out of the gate!
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The boys not knowing about Brian Blessed broke my heart. Clint, who did you raise?

I love the Powered by the Apocalypse system (Monsterhearts, you guys. Monsterhearts. Monsterhearts. Monsterhearts). I'm looking forward to seeing what the McElroys do with something that's so narratively-focused.
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Brian Blessed is Reality's Hagrid.

Also, I'm super psyched for this one. I really like what Juice and Travis are doing but Clint just killed this character concept. This is gonna be fun.
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Also, as an American, I would probably not know Brian Blessed if it wasn't for his portrayal of King Robert Baratheon Richard IV in Blackadder.
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It's funny because Clint claims to have not watched Gravity Falls so it's amusing to see him reinvent Gruncle Stan by way of Brian Blessed.
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Just this guy, y'know :
I was surprised to hear people not know who Brian Blessed is.
But I suppose it's just living in the UK where everyone knows who he is. (if only because everyone in the UK is in audible range of Brian Blessed at all time).

Point of order - the whole universe is in audible range of Brian Blessed at all times
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If I were reading this as a pitch for a TV show, I would check it out. I really like this monster-of-the-week style experiment. It was so nice to hear them so excited by the end of the podcast for figuring out how their characters connect.
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Deforestation. Oh, Travis, you beautiful fire hydrant.
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