The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 1
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Our heroes begin a fateful day in the unassuming, rural ski town of Kepler, West Virginia. Duck answers a peculiar distress call. Aubrey puts on a memorable magic show. Ned plans his next grift.
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Come for the role play, stay for Justin letting loose his true-blue West Virginia character voice.
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I really like this- and I wish this one gets to be the larger 60+ episode arc.
posted by Homo neanderthalensis at 9:57 PM on January 12

Judging from the amount of fan art I've seen for this arc so far, people must be digging it.
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Griffin is doomed to GM forever and that's OK
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Even as the thought occurred to me, I realized that someone else would already have purchased and set up a cryptid website there. Sigh.

I'm originally from WV. This is getting me in all my feels. Duck: (sigh) Are you Vickie's girl?


I've lived in FL since 1984. The state is innundated with visitors from every part of the world. Yet every time I see a WV tag, I look at the vehicle's occupants intently. My non-WVian husband: What are you doing? Me: Looking to see if it's somebody I know. (And sometimes it IS.)
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I loved this. Extra props to Clint for having a voice worked out so early on!
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I wonder how well they'll manage to stick to the "you have to do it to do it" aspect of Powered By The Apocalypse games. "Don't just name the move" came up already, but every time I've played campaigns of any kind of length, play degenerates into move-naming by the end...
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Yeah, the cool thing about Powered by the Apocalypse is it makes roleplaying into a game mechanic, so palace intrigue is as easy to play as dungeon crawling. The downside is since it's all broken down into moves it's easy to just think in terms of the moves you can make. Personally I think The Adventure Zone is at its best when the boys use the game as a catapult for funny improvisation and there's plenty of opportunities for that in Powered by the Apocalypse.
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From this episode, it seemed like Clint and Justin had their characters most solidly created, but Travis seemed to get the system best, and I expect The Lady Flame to be the greatest agent of chaos over the course of the mini-arc.
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