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January 18, 2018 5:26 PM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Eliot embarks on a quest. Quentin, Julia, Kady, and Josh continue their search for magic.
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That poor kitten. :(
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This episode title nicely sums up the entire series.
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Such a fun episodes, and the witty banter and over-all writing is still top notch!

Eliot: Parade in my head complete. Make it rain.

Fairy Queen: I require someone I trust to accompany you. We call her Frail Human. Fray for short.

(Books Included post is up for those who want to discuss bookish stuff)
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I'm exceedingly glad the ladies helped save the day.
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Prior to the season started, I posted asking if people wanted seperate book and show only threads this season. The general sense was "no" but do we still think that now that the show has started?
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Well, I want show-only threads as I haven't read the books and still have vague intentions of maybe reading them someday. I understand that the plots have diverged, but, I don't want to see book spoilers.

That poor kitten. :(

At least it wasn't prolonged torture like the poor cat that Reynard killed last season, but, I'd be super happy if this was the last time The Magicians killed a cat. Sigh. Loved Eliot on his quest though.
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I loved the exploding kitty, it was so over the top. Generally I liked how fast-paced this episode was, with a minimum of brooding.
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I also want show-only threads.
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I wanted to see the dinosaur! damn budgets.

I was expecting Chekhov's Sentient Boat to ruin Eliot's trip, but I was glad to be wrong. Although I also knew that Father Poe is a lying bastard because as Eliot says, "cliches" due to "a world without TV".

Man, lamprey Quentin. As if he wasn't already insufferable.

Also, I might have missed something but didn't Lipson herself said that Penny's magic cancer is incurable even with magic? I guess Kady is just trying to delay his death with magic from the battery?
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Roger Cross as the admiral! I love him and hope he sticks around.
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