My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 392: Big Game Tony Sunday
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We're breaking down all the wild twists and turns of Big Game Tony Sunday, a game we definitely had not watched at the time of this recording. Our prophecies, as per usual, ended up being eerily accurate. Suggested talking points: Super Bowl Predictions (Again), Kissing Curry, Armpit Bird, Cookie Angel Test, Wake Up to Bagels, I Like-A Do Whaaaat?!?!
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Never-fucked femory moams nearly made me crash my car.

Justin's wake up to bagels message nearly made me break the dishes I was washing.
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I was coming in just to say "never fucked femory moam".
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I'm still kind of reeling by how astonishingly bad the Einstein Bros "alarms" were. Like OK, haha, a novelty alarm with silly sounds that are vaguely like piss or a house fire, cute. But then the creepy-ass dude who yells advertising in your ear? Ooofa doofa.
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Those Einstein Bros alarms have "Executive decides they don't need to pay an ad agency after all" written all over them. I was struggling to find a legitimate use for them until the boys mentioned voicemail. Now it's clear that these were meant to be used as a shitty ironic voicemail message.
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The brothers correctly predicted Tom Brady eating the shorts at the Big Game.

Also, the "never fucked femory moam" made me curious whether they still never had any issues with their advertisers. (They say they never did, in an episode of 20..16?)
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is, honestly, a great alarm sound.
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I would have to imagine if they thought they'd get in trouble for Never Fucked Femory Moam they'd edit it out? The podcast isn't live, and Griffin has shown he's willing to cut things out when they don't work.

There's a reason why you see a lot of the same advertisers over and over again because they have a sense of humor, are pretty relaxed about their copy, or they're willing to get what they pay for WRT podcast ads. They know for the MBMBaM audience Femory Moam is probably going to make people more likely to buy their product, not less.
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I mean, they sponsored an entire pseudo ASMR episode. They know what they're getting.
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man, I kinda wish we'd got to find out what possible difference there could be between the sound of an egg frying and the sound of bacon frying
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I went back and listened to Justin's "voicemail" a second time, because I laughed so hard the first time I started coughing. I have to wonder, between this and the TV show where he tries to record a radio bit, whether he does genuinely have difficulty remembering what, exactly, he's doing at times.

Also, yeah, "never-fucked femory moam" was amazing.

This was a very, very good episode, and I am lucky that I was alone at home when I listened to it.
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man, I kinda wish we'd got to find out what possible difference there could be between the sound of an egg frying and the sound of bacon frying

Answer: none
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Why was the “coffee brewing” foley actually the sound of liquid being poured in a cup?

They could’ve called it “your coffee’s ready” or “coffee pouring in a cup” or something like that. It wouldn’t hurt the brand and it wouldn’t annoy to distraction persnickety people like me who are more likely to conclude that bagel company is run by fuckwits. But then again there’s suddenly a booming voice ordering me to buy shit so maybe the mislabel is to be understood as more like a preemptive warning, kind of like how you can spot the poisonous frogs by how colorful they are.
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