Supernatural: Devil's Bargain
February 9, 2018 6:58 PM - Season 13, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Sam, Dean and Castiel search for Lucifer, who is negotiating an unlikely deal with a local faith healer named Sister Jo; Asmodeus gets closer to finding Jack.

So that was quite a last minute twist! With his head down, and his hair like that, my first thought was "Metatron?" who of course is not an archangel, but wow.

Other than that, I thought this was another serviceable but not outstanding episode. There were some good moments, but It definitely felt like a place setting episode, since there wasn't much of an actual case. I'm interested to see where all this goes. Also can't wait for Gabriel to be reunited with Cas and the boys.

It was nice seeing Lucifer go back to being a bit more of his foreboding, prince of darkness self. For awhile it felt like they were trying to make him into another Crowley, but it's really hard to overlook all the terrible things Lucifer has done.

Fun fact, although probably many of you knew this already, but Sister Jo is played by Daneel Ackles, who is of course married to Jensen Ackles.
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So had anyone heard whispers of Gabriel coming back? Because I definitely did not. I mean, I always figured he might come back some day, but it was still a surprise. In fact, I feel like it kind of overshadowed the rest of the episode in which it felt like not a lot really happened, although I know it also sort of did.

Also, it's early, but so far I'm liking Sister Jo as a character (I can't remember her angel name). It was interesting to get another glimpse of the inner workings of heaven pre-fall from grace, and how much things probably sucked for a lot of angels. Spending an eternity pressing a button reminds me of Crowley's version of hell where everyone is waiting in a line that goes on forever.
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I knew through instagram that Daneel Ackles was joining the show, but didn't check up on who. So great that she's in it!

I had no idea Gabriel was coming back. But I'm surprised they brought him back even after God himself stated that Gabriel was dead.

This was a decent plot-progression episode. I liked that both sides are getting a mole with Donny and Ketch, that'll be interesting.
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I saw another Ackles in the credits but didn't know she was playing Jo. Intriguing new character. She seems like she could turn out to have a heart, or like she might be running some great big con on Lucifer. I questioned her statement that she was a "very good businesswoman" given that she seemed to just be using her healing powers for $200 a pop when she could easily be on TV with that shit, raking in millions. (You might say she'd be too high-profile that way, but it didn't exactly seem like she was trying to keep it underground as-is.)

It does seem like they're trying to make Lucifer more sympathetic lately. Not like an actual good guy at all, but kind of lost and pathetic at times, showing the faintest glimmers of a conscience. (I kind of wonder if they're setting him up so he finally does something good and that brings him down.) In a way it's not so surprising the angels would accept him as ruler of heaven, because the angels really aren't much better than the demons. Some demons we've met almost seemed NICER than the angels!

I was surprised they brought back Gabriel. His stories were always so meta and jokey, he was a walking talking smirk, and it'll be interesting to see him in a more serious plotline. But it doesn't surprise me Asmodeus would sew Gabriel's lips shut.

When Lucifer met the homeless guy I kind of wondered if that guy would turn out to be Jesus. He had this gentle, helpful, beard-y way about him, and I thought maybe they were finally gonna deal with the whole Jesus thing in Supernatural lore. But no. I'm not a Christian or anything, but it continues to surprise me that a show stuffed with characters from the bible has gone 13 seasons with barely a whisper about Jesus.
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I thought they were bringing Michael back at first, it would make sense given the presence of Other-Michael. I am curious to see the explanation for Gabriel's continued existence, since God personally wrote him off.
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Lucifer: [reading a motel room Bible] Would you look at this? Wrong, that’s wrong. Does anybody fact-check this stuff? [...] Dad’s been stealing my best lines, man.

Lucifer: Your hair, Sam, is magnificent. Is that a leave-in conditioner you have there?

Arthur Ketch: I know you want to kill me, but if you think about it, I'm the lesser of at least... three evils.


In 2012 Danneel Ackles was asked when she'd appear on Supernatural. Her response was, "Season 13". Writer Eugenie Ross-Leming created the character of Sister Jo/Anael specifically for Danneel Ackles, and this is the character's first appearance on the show.

The wives of the two leads of the show, Genevieve Padalecki and Danneel Ackles, have both played recurring guest roles. Their characters are opposing forces, a demon and an angel, respectively. Interestingly, both Ruby and Anael want to help Lucifer.

The backdrop of Sister Jo's stage may be familiar, as it was a backdrop from the high school musical about Sam and Dean's lives in "Fan Fiction" (ep. 10.5). It also marked as route 66 with a sign that reads "Blackwater Ridge" from "Wendigo" (ep. 1.2). There is also a crossroads prop onstage pointing to Lawrence (where the Winchesters are from) and Sioux Falls (where Bobby lived, and Jody Mills is the sheriff).

Lucifer's line, "Hail to the," is a homage to Bruce Campbell's line in Army of Darkness. The producers are fans of Campbell. Previously, Dean has used the alias Ashley J. Williams, Campbell's character in The Evil Dead movies and television series.

The scene where the two young boys find Castiel and poke him with a stick references both Stand by Me, and "Pac-Man Fever" (ep. 8.20).

Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.) appearing with his mouth sewed shut is a reference to to the Norse trickster Loki, who had his mouth sewed shut by the dwarf Brokkr after losing a wager. Gabriel had previously assumed the identity of Loki after retreating from Heaven.

Richard Speight Jr.'s name does not appear until the end credits to preserve the surprise of Gabriel's return. This has previously been done with re-appearances of Crowley, Lucifer, and Bobby Singer.
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Anael was amazingly good at managing Lucifer. Amusingly, in the last scene with her standing by Lucifer as he sits in his throne in heaven, she's dressed in a feminine version of his outfit.

I so did not envy Danneel Ackles for having to do a scene where she gets up close and personal with Mark Pellegrino and he's nuzzling her neck. The guy makes my skin crawl.

Did anyone else get the feeling that, though Ketch killed both Eileen and Mick and is generally loathsome, Sam and Dean's hatred of Ketch is very much inflamed by the fact that he banged their mother and bragged about it?

Good to see Gabriel back, though can't say I enjoyed his horrifying appearance.
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