My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 394: Face 2 Face: I Fritos Hard
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Justin's on paternity leave this week, so we're proud to present our live show from stunning Milwaukee from last November! We were all suffering unavoidable injuries this show, and inexplicably, it turned the episode into a pretty randy engagement.
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Boy the first audience question spectacularly summed up our collective discussions about audience questions in a way that almost felt conspiratorial.

Besides that, this was a good ep.
posted by Tevin at 6:21 AM on February 20, 2018 [2 favorites]

Can confirm, Milwaukee was horny for this one.
posted by drezdn at 7:15 AM on February 20, 2018

Apparently the brothers have never heard of Clamato. I'm amazed it took them as long as it did to think of broth, as I was shouting it the whole time I listened to the podcast.
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I was like “oh no! The tweets! They’re gonna get tweets! Pull up! Pull up!”
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I don't know if it was planned or good comedic instincts or what, but when he substituted in "the peppis" because he was uncomfortable saying "penis" when reading the art class question, it leaned so hard into the core of what makes that question funny that I nearly smurfed myself.
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I have to agree about that first question. It was a spot-on parody of the kinds of shitty questions they tend to get, but she had good comedic timing and I found it funny.

They still need to come up with a better system for letting the audience ask questions.
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 3:15 PM on February 20, 2018 [2 favorites]

Which question was the first one? Was it the one about banking her dog?
posted by meese at 4:26 PM on February 20, 2018

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