My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 397: Burnt Reynolds
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Travis floats a new segment this week that DEFINITELY will not earn us a Cease and Desist from John Quinones and the ABC News Corporation. Also: Some new live show announcements! Tickets go on sale this week! Suggested talking points: What Would You Even Do?, Live Shows!, Cat Technical College, A New Dictionary, Sky Hiking, The Stinkfeet Man, Weed Delivery Driver
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They're finally coming to my town! Woohoo!

...Now if I fail to be able to get tickets, just as I failed to be able to get tickets to Hamilton while it was here, I may as well just go crawl in a hole and stay there forever.
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I'm so grateful for this show that makes me laugh so much.
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This is pretty choice: McElroy Brothers Enjoy 15 Non-Recorded Minutes
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Just snagged tix for the Phoenix show, if any other Mefites are going, hit me up!
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Louie Zong did an animatic of my favorite part of this episode and I am DYING. Griffin's CAT VOICE oh my god.
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This is pretty choice: McElroy Brothers Enjoy 15 Non-Recorded Minutes

I clicked that link because I wanted to listen to those 15 minutes...

(I am an idiot. And I've also completely confirmed the premise of this article.)
posted by bigendian at 4:29 PM on March 15

What's the point in having a pre-sale, requiring a password, two days before tickets are on sale more generally?
posted by meese at 10:12 AM on March 16

I was thinking about that, I guess they want to make sure people who are actively listening get first dibs.
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