My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 396: Independence Jumanji 3
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It's Hollywood's Biggest Night! (Please indulge us. It is still Hollywood's Biggest Night.) We're here with our incisive brand of twisted comedy, cracking wise about all the ... big movies! And all the other stuff. From Hollywood's Biggest Night. Suggested talking points: Some Very Good Oscars Jokes, Heart-Shaped Biscuit, Hero Fire Pig, Blue Cream, The Spinner That Never Stopped Spinning, Travis' Bidet, Sex Nook
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justin’s bit about them never being funny again was absolutely hilarious.
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This was one of the weirder episodes both in structure and content but I was laughing to tears at the Griffin Jr sequence. Buck wild.
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I've enjoyed the times (the "burner kid" bit and the joke around the WV teachers' strike) in the last couple of episodes when Justin has made jokes that have audibly shocked Griffin. It's sort of sweet to hear his "Jesus I can't believe you said that" responses to his eldest brother.
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I swear these boys' reactions to each other bring me joy to such an extent that I might listen to an episode in which literally all the words were removed

like, when travis throws out "LARGE MARGIN" there is this small beat of silence before griffin just cracks up, and it is absolutely sublime
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This episode was pure delight. Can’t wait for those classic animatics.
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I kind of wish that adventure zone was more like the wild spontaneous freewheeling fiction they generate on this show.
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Hearing Griffin describe a bunch of surreal nonsense always makes me miss Coolgames, Inc.
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tangential comment:

oh man fomhar, I was listening to the end-of-2017 episode of the Besties (the polygon podcast on best games of the month that includes Griffin and Justin) and while griffin was talking up PUBG he listed out his teammates on AWFUL SQUAD in its earliest days and ended the list with "and someone else" and my heart broke a little bit for him. CGI was my favorite non-MBMBAM mcelroy-adjacent property. thank god for wonderful, a podcast significantly less likely to end because the non-griffin half turns out to be gross and terrible
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Irritating unsaid joke of the episode: calling the managers of the company with the bad TP "hard asses." I was waiting on Travis, but he kind of surfaced for LARGE MARGIN and that was his Travis Moment of the ep.

I recently, finally, got through all of the back episodes. The main thing that stands out is how solid the early eps are; after the first 8 or so, all the bones are there. They're a little looser now, especially since they all started being sleep-deprived parents of babies, but they were pretty sharp from the get-go.
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I kind of wish that adventure zone was more like the wild spontaneous freewheeling fiction they generate on this show.

I love what Griffin did with the Balance arc, but yeah, same. I'd love for them to just take something really bare-bones, like a stripped down Powered by the Apocalypse, and just make weird fiction with it where they're always coming up with new characters and nobody is in charge, it's just stream-of-consciousness nonsense.

I wouldn't want them to do this instead of The Adventure Zone, or even for an extended period of time, I just love their buckwild rambling the most out of everything they do. It's like, the questions they take in MBMBaM is just a springboard for goofs. Replace questions with the occasional diceroll and make some avant-garde ass podcasting.
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