Tatort: Im toten Winkel
March 15, 2018 1:18 PM - Season 47, Episode 26 - Subscribe

An elderly man, after years of caring for his wife who suffered from Alzheimers, smothers her and tries to kill himself. Detectives Lürsen and Stedefreund of Bremen look into the circumstances that drove the man to such a desperate act.

It's hard to imagine the murder plot being secondary in a good episode of Tatort but it was the case with this one. Based on the comments on the website, this hit home for many. This was a realistic look at the situation of caring for a dependent adult. So many of the little details were spot on. It's absolutely brutal.

I'm not familiar with the human services available in Germany but I was shocked to see similarities to the situation in the US, especially the cost of in home care. Even the home health providers who are not actively running a scam seem the same. I'm only a year out from living this so it was deeply affecting. I'd like to think that this episode holds up even if you haven't.
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