Steven Universe: Letters to Lars
March 28, 2018 5:03 PM - Season 5, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Still in space, trying to get his ship repaired, Lars get a letter from Steven about the latest happenings in Beach City. Bill Dewey is directionless.

I figured Former Mayor Bill Dewey would end up working at Big Donut when he said he and it are "both empty inside."

I was going to say it's sweet that Ronaldo was tearing up about Lars being lost in space until of course I realized he's crying because that should've been him. "It's so ironic it hurts my soul!"

Pearl being so proud of her first cell phone is adorable. Also her wanting every improv skit to be about Steven.

Jamie the Mailman's one-man shows:
- The Postman Always Sings: an intimate evening of of [sic] song and seduction
- William Shakespeare's "Let Down Your Mail"
- Mail!: A New Musical
- What's the Deal With the Mail?

I just realized this is the first time we've seen Pearl, Amethyst, and Peridot in a few episodes. Even Barb is getting a second episode appearance in this "bomb".

New wrestlers! Marmalade Boys! "The crowd was eating it up, but not literally 'cause that would be gross!"
I did find out that a couple of previous wrestler names are switched. Concrete Heat was the skinny one, but in this episode he's the bigger guy, who was Chunk Trunk. And Wolf of Wall Street looks like Howl Jones.


Poor Mayor Dewey...
Nanafua: "Oh you made things awkward..."
Sadie: "Did you cut holes in my bedsheets??"
Peedee: "I just painted over Mayor Dewey's head. It's a good thing that his head was so big and lumpy."

The ending was so great, with how touching it was that Mayor Dewey naming a pink donut after Lars (and we have confirmation that revived pink organisms don't need to eat!), and then Lars making me realize he really doesn't know half of those people. And Steven reading the letter aloud the entire time was just extremely hilarious.
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I knew Mayor Dewey was going to end up at the Big Donut. Does Mr. Smiley own the Big Donut? When Dewey is taking over it almost seems like he's getting the scoop from Mr. Smiley. My headcanon is the Big Donut is a symbiotic alien life form that has been there for longer than the Crystal Gem temple. No one owns it, but it needs a human host to properly function (by making and dispensing donuts).

This was also a fantastic Beach City humans episode. Just the sweet references to the passage of time, Peridot and Amethyst's cameo, it's all great. Even Peedee gets decent screentime! The only one not featured, almost conspicuous in his absence, is Onion.
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Onion was there. He was holding a crowbar and looking meaningfully at the Lion Lickers freezer.
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Amethyst and Jasper fans might want to watch this video made for The Dove Self-Esteem Project.
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Ack, the video was taken down. Maybe they put it up too early?
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It's back up!
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Ok, wild speculation - Pearl definitely got that new phone in order to finally call mystery girl! ("S", who I was also absolutely certain Sunshine Justice was going to turn out to be two episodes ago. Maybe I'm too invested in this virtually non-existent ship)

And another mention of Sadie's upcoming gig in beach city. Something's definitely going to happen at that. Lars' return? Gem hijinx? Gem invasion? Whatever it is, it's nice to see that at least one of the adults has realised that beach city is in more or less constant danger and is planning accordingly.
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Note to fans: there's been a fairly substantial leaked screenshot spotted around the internets. Please browse with care.
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from what I gathered, it as a promo that ran on Cartoon Network that was not approved by the show runners, something like that?
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I think that's it. It's of a situation that the people in charge of promotion looked at and thought "that's kind of cool," without knowing or considering the implications of having those characters interacting with each other in that manner.
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