The Department of Time: Tiempo de venganza (Time of Revenge)   First Watch 
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In 1843, Isabella II of Spain became Queen at the age of 13 (with her mother Maria Christina assuming regency). A year later, she demanded to visit the Ministry of Time. Former Ministry agent Armando Leiva, who recruited Irene back in 1960, has escaped from a Ministry prison in the Middle Ages and plans to kill the Queen during her visit. With the very existence of the Ministry at stake, Ernesto, Amelia and Alonso are sent to foil Leiva's plans.

* We learn Armando Leiva's and Irene's backstories in this episode.
* Leiva was a Carlist War hero who was recruited by the 20th Century Ministry and rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Operations Chief (the position Ernesto now occupies).
* In 2005, Leiva begs Salvador for permission to bring his son to the present, so he can be treated for Leukemia. Leiva also wanted the Ministry to use their knowledge of modern medicine to save lives in the past. Salvador denied both requests, pointing out that changing the past is a very risky affair, and that using the time doors for personal gain is forbidden.
* Leiva led a revolt in response. The Ministry workers who followed him went on strike and then attempted a coup. However, someone betrayed them, the takeover was foiled and Leiva was imprisoned while his son died.
* In 1960, Irene worked in the Ministry of Information in ultra-Catholic Francoist Spain, where she could not openly be a lesbian. She was in an unhappy marriage. The episode opens to her standing on a rooftop ledge, clearly intending to jump and commit suicide. She was saved by Armando Leiva, who offered her a job in the Ministry of Time.
* Julián uses the time doors for his own personal gain in this episode.
* Irene's association with the Ministry and the doors of time have apparently saved her life and also destroyed it.
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I liked the use of split screens in the episode. And I was legitimately worried for Alonso's life after the shooting.

I am confused about Irene's timeline. If she was born in 1930 and recruited from 1960 to join the Ministry, but clearly not 85 years old in 2015, which decades did she skip? I guess Leiva came from the 2005-ish Ministry to get her from the rooftop, and it was ok for her to start living in that 'present' era when off-duty because she was officially dead? (But Alonso is still supposed to go home to his original era when off-mission?)
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Also, zarq, thank you for continuing to post these threads, and I hope you post episode 8 soon because I watched it last night and am desperate to discuss it before I let myself move on to S2 ep 1.
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You're welcome!!

Episode 8 has been posted!

I'm trying to post three times a week, on weekdays.
posted by zarq at 6:42 AM on May 14

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