RuPaul's Drag Race: Social Media Kings Into Queens
May 26, 2018 5:04 AM - Season 10, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The queens are tasked with making over YouTube stars into members of their drag family.
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I always enjoy makeovers- the queens shine with some fresh blood in the room- and this episode was no exception. I think bringing in "stars" (and allow me to use that term loosely, since I was only familiar with two of those guys) made it even more fun, because they had a lot of personality and really knew how to work it on the runway. Cracker's win was well-deserved- Cookie looked amazing.

I'm a little tired of Michelle's constant quest to "fish" up the girls. You don't see her encouraging the fishier queens to try something offbeat- it's just constant feedback about longer hair, bigger boobs, more dramatic curves. Not everyone needs to look like you, Michelle! I love the pussycat wigs and don't think Monet should change a thing. I also saw a family resemblance between her and Tyler, so YMMV.
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Man, Chester really stole the show. His runway walk was both hilarious and surprisingly seductive. Astonishingly good for his first time in drag. Miz Cookie for S11?

Monet! It was about time for her to go, but god damn I'm going to miss her presence in the workroom. Her and Monique are tied as my vote for Miss Congeniality.
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Ok, I'm calling it: Eureka, Aquaria and Asia for the final three. I really, really want Cracker to get there but Aquaria's so strong on aesthetic. Oh Monet though, such a sweetheart. And she has no house! I found that oddly moving. I'd never really thought about the makeover event being a nod to drag community tradition before.

Was it just me or was RuPaul a bit giddy this ep?
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And another thing - have they ever gone boy-drag for a challenge before? Kameron looked amazing in that lumber-gear!
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This was a great challenge, and Cracker knocked it out of the park, but Aquaria's makeover was atrocious. She left her partner twisting in the wind and focused on making herself look good. And she was rewarded for it.

Monet may not be "top 3" material but it should've been Aquaria in the bottom, not her. I call bullshit.
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The mini-challenges this season have consistently cracked me up; I think it’s due to a particularly funny bunch of queens. The slap one and now this boy drag one had me in stitches.
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I’ve been skipping the local viewing parties for a few weeks because Ugh, Work, but I an so glad this is the one I got to come back on. Although apparently while I was away, Asia’s queen colleague who hosts in her absence made the “When You Hear Vanjie, DRINK” game an official one in our bar, so there was a rough couple of minutes and a lot of groaning before the runway challenge, heeeeee.

I would like to note for everyone’s edification that Aquaria is a safety hazard and that Angry Orchard is really painful to snort through your nose, but I can’t be mad at her amazing “the only vers I am is Versace” crack.

Miz Cookie, America O’Hara, and Kelly Michaels were my favorites of the social media queens, but I really thought everyone turned out pretty well and I didn’t agree with Michelle’s assessment that there was no Change family resemblance. I thought the most un-family look was Aquaria and Capricia, but I still thought Kingsley looked pretty, the makeup was great.

Local Queen Tea: Asia admitted during the viewing party that she had to cut up some of the costumes she brought with her to construct the second O’Hara Family jacket over the filming weekend, and if I heard her correctly, some of them were her cast costumes from the drag show she works at here in Dallas, so, uh, OOPS. But the jacket turned out really nicely so I guess it was worth it.
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(Also, to clarify, I actually do think Monet is plenty good enough for the top 3--it's just that she makes a lot of mistakes; her lack of consistency is really the big reason I was surprised to see her last as long as she did. That said, she shouldn't have been up for elimination in the first place this week. No how.)
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Ditto duffell on Monet's loss - I really hope Aquaria doesn't last longer, but I fear that if there was any week where she'd lose, this would be the one -- she has fierce drag, but doesn't do well when trying to manage or think about others.

Also, I loved the Auntie Mame (FanFare link) quote by Ru: "Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" -- my wife and I finished the quote with Ru, but the response by (Aquaria?) and her partner: blank looks. Oh, baby queens, where is your history?

freya_lamb: have they ever gone boy-drag for a challenge before? Kameron looked amazing in that lumber-gear!

Drag Race All Stars, Season 1 episode 3, but that was it (I skimmed Wikipedia summaries for the other seasons of Drag Race and All Stars, though I might have missed another one).

Last thought -- Miles Heizer is the second most awkward dude I've seen as a guest judge (that honor goes to Lucky Blue Smith, who appears to have a pretty solid track record for a young'n, but seemed like a stoned kid -- or was it some other weird guest judge boy on Project Runway? Anyway, that's beside the point). He didn't seem interested in the show, compared to Lizzo, who was there to promote ... what? Her (ossum) song from 2016?
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Was it just me or was RuPaul a bit giddy this ep?

Yeah, I noticed that too. Someone put an upper in her pre-show cocktail.

I loved Miss Cookie. The match was well done and the costumes were complimentary without being samey. It was just lovely. And Cracker's sheer joy at how pretty Cookie came good.

I've noticed this thing where the vainer queens kind of...half arse their partner's look, as if they can't stand the thought of making someone prettier than they are. It's a subtle thing but I've noticed in in basically all the seasons.

Aquaria should totally have been in the bottom for that half assery she foisted on her poor partner. A corset and a fluffy skirt, really? She can do better than that.

That said, I think Monet may not have had all the words. There was a lot of prancing about with her back to the judges, and I caught some flubbed lyrics when she was facing them. Like, girl, learn the damn words even if you think you got it.
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I listen to the RuPaul podcast, which often features the judges from the previous or next week’s show, and I like that sometimes they aren’t promoting anything, they’re just on as superfans or friends of Ru.
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Cracker's Review with a Jew for this episode, with a lot of insider info on how it all went down.
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