RuPaul's Drag Race: Evil Twins
June 9, 2018 8:50 AM - Season 10, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The top five queens must present two sides of themselves in a ball, a good twin and an evil twin. They must write and record inner dialogue for both characters to show each personality. Cheyenne Jackson is a special guest; Lena Dunham and singer Ashanti guest judge.
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That was possibly the dullest episode of Drag Race ever. The mini challenge was weird (although kudos to Aisa - that brunch face was genius), the workshop chat was stilted at best, haranging and unpleasant at worst, the 'twins' were all boring as hell and the judges appeared to be phoning it in. What happened? It seemed like some major upset had happened offscreen that put the entire cast on the wrong foot. Also wtf Cheyenne? He came across as a total fun-suck. Disappointed.

Also - Cracker left! *sob*
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Yet again I thought Aquaria was toast, only to see her get massively overpraised. That leopard dress with the bones glued to it was in no way "one of the top ten looks ever" - hell it wasn't even one of the top ten looks this SEASON - and she went pitifully easy on herself in the dialogue. Bleh.
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I'm so glad that Asia won this one. Oh right, she didn't. So congrats to Eureka for brutal self-reflection and the much-deserved win! Oh, she didn't? Huh.

Aquaria won? Hmm, that was depressing. But kudos for her for going from a Ms. Cracker knock-off to her own queen.
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Watching Aquaria sail through the season while the other contestants get criticized and eliminated for lesser mistakes has been depressing.
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Aquaria's "evil twin" look was weird and bad.
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liquorish: Her evil twin is a computer game inspired look. Reminds me a lot of the WoW shaman look, which is problematic in its own way but both her looks were video game and comic book hero riffs.
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