RuPaul's Drag Race: Breastworld
May 19, 2018 1:56 PM - Season 10, Episode 9 - Subscribe

A parody of Westworld and the acting challenge of season ten, with Broad City stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson guest judge on this week's episode.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: These Violent Delights Have Gaggy Ends (Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers for Vulture)
The episode opens on the queens discovering a message scrawled by the Vixen on the mirror about evil triumphing when good queens do nothing, or something. The ladies seem, to put it bluntly, kind of over this drama, and Asia, galvanized by her own lip-sync performance and ready to up her game, wipes that shit right off. Kameron, despite winning the last challenge, doesn’t seem too outwardly excited about her newly developed edge in the competition, while Aquaria’s confidence upsets the other queens. Eureka, of all people, talks about how if Aquaria can’t “share the spotlight” and “let other girls have their moment” there could be a problem within the group. Our eyes roll right the fuck out of their sockets and onto the ground, where they will likely continue to roll for centuries. We’re gonna go ahead and guess this is not actually how Eureka feels and has more to do with the editors needing to milk some drama out of a Vixen-less group that seems to really enjoy one another.
RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 episode 9: A barely watchable Breastworld -- A Westworld parody made for excruciating viewing in Drag Race's latest episode (Rhuaridh Marr for Metro Weekly)
Oh Drag Race, it was going so well. After the delightful fun of last week’s Cher-inspired musical episode, hopes were high that season ten was finally getting a place where it could stand on its own two feet — rather than ride the backs of the seasons that have come before it. And then we came crashing into the dreadful depths of “Breastworld,” a Westworld-inspired acting challenge which was intended to test the emotional ranges of our remaining six queens. Instead, it ended up testing the patience of everyone watching at home.
Spoiler Alert! RuPaul's Drag Race S10 Ep9 Extra Lap Recap "Breastworld" (7:30)

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Party Like It's 2069 with Raja and Raven (10:23)
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Welcome to Breastworld 🏝️ The Gayest Place on Earth (VH1 official clip short on YouTube 7:08) -- no, it doesn't make any more sense when viewed without interruption.
posted by filthy light thief at 2:03 PM on May 19, 2018

Idea for a future Drag Race acting challenge: run the scripts of all the acting challenges this show has ever done through a markov generator, and get the queens to recite whatever weird vagina-pun gibberish it spits out. Chances are it would be way less painful than this shit. Good lipsync, though.
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Untucked, ugh. I understand that reality TV thrives on amped-up personalities and the producers need story lines, but the whole "Kameron, you're not showing us the correct emotions" shtick is beyond gross.
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Only thing I enjoyed was Aquaria's "where my people at" in the singsong. The rest... oof.
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Nobody in our bar could believe it when Monét X Change was declared 'safe'. We had all been totally convinced she would be the winner. I really didn't think Asia was better than her in either the skit or the runway, especially the runway.
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Yep. I think Monét has about the same thing going on Miz Cracker does -- whatever she does, it just does not connect with the judges. I see her going off next, then Cracker, unless she really somehow manages to get out of her own head suddenly. And even then Michelle Visage would still unreasonably dislike every single thing she does.

I love Kameron so much, and I hope she's okay. The Untucked was a little annoying that she was getting called out on not performing emotions, but it looks like she, in drag and out, sincerely has some issues with vulnerability and toxic masculinity and mourning.

(Eureka gets on my tits via one hour per week, and I assume if I knew her in real life I would definitely turn into the Vixen in about twenty minutes, but when she just gently asked Kameron to talk about her father...damn. That was, a deeply beautiful, kind moment.)

I don't know if it's because I binge-watched S9 in about two weeks, but I don't feel as drawn in by this season. Maybe it's that the storyline seems to point to Eureka winning, and I sort of think Asia or Kameron really deserves it, I don't know. Obviously Breastworld did not help with this.
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They clearly didn't get Eureka a cheap knee surgeon, did they though? That lip synch was gold.
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I loved the Michigan J. Frog reference, and the fact that a few of the queens got it, and the others were confused.
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Often with the acting challenges I feel like they show us the filming of them and then when they show the final product they just show the best version of exactly what we saw in filming put together into a cohesive whole. This was the first time I think we saw quite a bit of storyline that we didn't see in the filming part, I think? That was interesting and probably a byproduct of the 90 minute episodes (which have MUCH better pacing than the one hour episodes under the new VH1 All the Dramz regime).

It was hard to figure out who the winner was this week, as everyone messed up on one element of the maxi challenge and runway, except for Eureka who kind of messed up both. I thought Aquaria was hilarious in the maxichallenge. She has great facial expressions and kind of a robotic personality to begin with.

Good lipsync. I was pretty sure as soon as Ru quickly chose Kameron to stay that they were both staying. That and the delighted and lengthy cackle Ru let out at the end.
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In her Review with a Jew for this episode, Cracker says they ran it twice and that was all, then it was filmed. Basically three hours total to do the entire thing- read through it, put together their outfits, get into drag, line memorization, all of it. No real rehearsal to speak of. And RuPaul was apparently watching the entire process, adding to their tension on set.

If you haven't watched these reviews, they're great. Cracker is just hilarious, very insightful and provides a lot of great behind-the-scenes tidbits.
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