Cowboy Bebop: 20th Anniversary
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CB was originally run in 1998 and it is 2018 and that seems like a good point for a rewatch!

Are there enough folk that would be interested in this? I'm not sure it's streaming anywhere, which would limit participation. I also don't know if it'd be better just to do a single all-series post (26 episodes is kind of a lot for a single post) or maybe two two-episode posts.
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I'm interested! One post for the whole series sounds overwhelming, but I could probably handle two episodes a week.
posted by J.K. Seazer at 12:02 AM on May 28, 2018 [2 favorites]

I'm interested! Two episode posts should work.
posted by dinty_moore at 6:25 AM on May 29, 2018

I'm very much on board with this. Cowboy Bebop will always hold a special place in my heart.
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 1:16 PM on May 29, 2018

The whole series is up on Hulu, last I checked.
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It's also on Crunchyroll. I've never actually seen it and have been planning to watch!
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As I said over text, never seen it either! Maybe I'll add it to the plex...
posted by zerolives at 9:16 AM on June 1, 2018

Okay, looks like we've got some interested parties! I need my schedule to clear up so I'll get this started in a couple of weeks, and we'll go through the summer.
posted by curious nu at 10:50 AM on June 2, 2018 [1 favorite]

I ran a re-watch starting almost four years ago. If you re-did this you could label it as a first view, or leave off the labels all together.

Also, if you want learn from my mistakes (I didn't check for any of this online before posting episodes), I'd suggest run episode 1-12, then Mish-Mash Blues (which is now available on YT as a single video), then 13-22, The Movie, and then episodes 23 and 24.
posted by filthy light thief at 8:45 PM on June 4, 2018

Whoops just talked to a friend about this and found out it's pretty transphobic, so that's gonna be a nope.
posted by ITheCosmos at 6:28 PM on June 9, 2018

IIRC the only potentially problematic episodes are 12 and 13, so you can probably just skip those if you're fine watching the rest of the series.
posted by J.K. Seazer at 7:19 PM on June 9, 2018

Would be my first watch not a rewatch, but I'm cool with spoilers/commentary featuring foreknowledge. Only ever seen the first episode under super suboptimal circumstances on NetFlix a couple of years back. Despite that minimal context I totally clocked a work colleague listening to the theme song recently. "That sounds a bit jazzy, a bit, umm, Cowboy Bebop," I said. "Yes, yes it does," he said.
posted by I'm always feeling, Blue at 7:56 PM on June 9, 2018

Re-read post, fwiw it's definitely still streaming on UK NetFlix at time of commenting.
posted by I'm always feeling, Blue at 7:59 PM on June 9, 2018

My wife and I have been doing a re-watch for the past few weeks and we're about halfway through, though it's likely to go on hold as the weather's too nice for us to be inside watching TV. Still, it's been fun, and I'll watch this space for when folks start discussion.
posted by bl1nk at 9:57 PM on June 9, 2018

Interested. Oddly, I started my own cowboy bebop rewatch just recently, it's on Crunchyroll and 9anime so it should be available. Also probably available through your local library system. It is in Colorado. If you're in CO and your local library doesn't have it try looking through Prospector, a local ILL (inter library loan) variant. If you're not in CO it's possible that your library is a member of a local consortium (Mobius in the Missourri area) that will allow you to borrow from slightly further afield. Then of course if neither is true, ILL through Worldcat may be your ticket. Those are the free, and nearly free options, anyway.
posted by evilDoug at 10:10 AM on June 10, 2018

Yes please! Including the movie or series only?
posted by biscotti at 2:26 PM on June 10, 2018

I had totally missed FLT's old posts -- I think I'll just hop back into those, starting this Sunday for anyone else who wants internet Bebop buddies along for the ride.
posted by curious nu at 7:10 PM on June 19, 2018

I didn't notice any new comments in the posts for the first two episodes, so I'll get things started this weekend.
posted by J.K. Seazer at 1:46 AM on July 21, 2018

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