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With Ide absent from school, Hidomi finds herself tasked by Haruko to bring his classwork to him - a task that has her learning about the parts of Ide's life that he keeps secret from his fellow classmates...
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Is Hitomi the anime version of Tina from Bob's Burgers? She's shown no interest it horses, but it seems like she does have sexy dreams about zombies.
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So, I'm thinking that one of the overarching themes of Progressive is that of duality - who we are versus who we present ourselves as. We see with Ide that the persona we see him performing in the first episode is exactly that - a performance, and his actual life is much different from what he presents at school. Haruko, well - Jinyu's comment implies that the scene we see in the ED is something that happened - Haruko tried to capture Atomisk once, but his power was so great that it literally ripped her in two, creating both the Haruko we see and Jinyu. And as for Hidomi, well - she tries to play the nihilistic cynic, but more and more, it's becoming clear that she does, in fact, care about things, care about people - and that Ide is one of those people. In addition, given both the nosebleed and her N-O channel being activated by Ide being in danger, it's clear that those feelings include pants feelings. It's nice to see it pointed out that yes, women are sexual beings with desires as well, even if Hidomi might not know how to deal with them.

Some random points:

* Yup, if anyone's going to create a middle school cult, it's going to be Haruko.
* The "class yearbook" is yet another demonstration of duality - the kids in the cult see the images clearly and can remember the events (even though it's impossible for them to have happened - there's only a few days at most between the episodes), but Hidomi can see the pictures for what they are - crude drawings.
* The "evil" robot working as a crossing guard was a nice surreal nod to the original, which had Canti doing the same in the final episode.
* The whole segment with the junkyard and the gangsters speaking in subbed Japanese (and I'm wondering if they'll be speaking in English in the Japanese version) seems evocative of something, but I'm not sure what, exactly. Given this episode's title, probably something from Go Nagai.
* Three words: GERWALK Chevy Bel-Air. That is all.
* Hey, we finally get to see how an N-O channel works! And apparently, it just grabs whatever is getting yanked through it from whatever they're doing at the moment.
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