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I've only watched the first episode so far, but sweet Jesus I cried through the whole thing.
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At this point, I’ve watched 3.

Yeah, in the first one, particularly Antoni tearing up made me lose it. I think cuz he and I seem to have the same sort of “ugly cry.”

The transformation of the guy in episode 2 is pretty fantastic.
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Both 1 and 2 had me sobbing. Episode 1 brings up a lot of tension for me because of my own experiences with religion and people I love who have been rejected by their religious families. And of course the guys have a variety of experiences and it's great how they're willing to talk about them.

And episode 2 .. that damn proposal. I can't imagine having a partner care enough about me to do that.
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Ari, man ... Ari had some Issues. I'm surprised they went through with filming an episode, instead of internally saying, "this guy lies about everything, for all we know he spends his time on Twitter posting hideous shit and will backfire on the show somehow." But they were so kind to him. I can see how someone from a high-pressure or abusive background would learn to constantly lie to protect himself, so maybe that's what he's got going on, and maybe he can fix it. I don't know.

Skylar deserved all the love. He was so happy.
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We've watched the first three, and I know we did some quiet sobbing during the first two, because a) Momma Tammy and b) DAT Proposal. Leo, in episode 3 was good, but not tissues good. We'll see what the rest bring.

Edited to add: I was so surprised how outgoing and game for anything the guy was in Episode Two. He nailed the film and the acting and the writing. Loved him, and man, his girl was SO HAPPY.

Queer Eye Is Modeling How To Talk Through Difficult Conversations
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Just finished episode 3. Did anyone else wince at the sight of the white couch the Fab Five chose for Mama Tammye’s community center? Wouldn’t the kids at daycare in the center wreck it in the first week by getting food or art supplies on it?

Glad to see the show back though. Wasn’t sure when I’d be able to watch it, since I flew out on vacation the day Netflix dropped it, but I’ve got good WiFi and it’s been a nice wind-down to sleep/nap choice so far.
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I think Mama Tammye is the only one not wearing a shirt with a French tuck by the end. I love Tan and it's not a bad style tip I guess but it sort of seems like he discovered French tucks on instagram the day before they started shooting and just went crazy with it.

I did try an Antoni-inspired recipe this afternoon, and it was good.
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White can be bleached and is surprisingly often chosen by moms of little kids for that reason. If the fabric is sturdy, it'll survive a while looking good over a pattern or a solid color that needs careful handling. Vinyl in heat is awful and the really durable commercial fabrics are pricey as hell. Besides Mama Tammye will know someone who can make a slipcover!

I was mostly incoherent happily watching it. My youngest is a big fan and saw 4 episodes. Her cousin transitioned recently so Skylar's story was really interesting. I had to explain what a leprechaun was and she thought that hilarious.

Ok. Haircuts. Has anyone else got to the mayor? Did Jonathan..... goof? It was so - dull. All of his haircuts previously went oh hey there's that person, only more! But he just vanished with that dull haircut. #bringbacktheresistancebeard

Biggest burn for me was my kid leaning over while Tan was going through someone's wardrobe and saying "They would just throw all of yours away. I bet they could help you with your cooking, your hair. I guess, everything." Burned by a six year old who believes she is Jonathan's best friend in waiting.
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Bunderful, you sliced an avocado?
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Has anyone else got to the mayor? Did Jonathan..... goof? It was so - dull.

I disagree. A beard like he had is never gonna work in this country these days if one has serious political ambitions. It totally reads as “hippie freak” to the right wing side of voters - and maybe those voters would never be for this guy anyway, but without the beard they’re more likely to actually listen to him first instead of dismissing him on sight. And the haircut, while not necessarily ground breaking for a lot guys, for a politician I think it actually is a little edgy.

It’s kind of ironic, actually, that the mayor starts with complaints that he’s being dismissed for his youth, and yet ends up looking younger than when he starts. He does look more serious, though.
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Jonathan should not be allowed to touch black hair.
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All of that ikea furniture in the community center... It will fall apart in a year!
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I thought the "resistance beard" was great because it draws on an old tradition of men leaving their beards uncut until a certain dramatic event comes to pass. If I were a guy, I might just have decided to wear one too. But then, I'm one of nature's candidates for a makeover show.

Ted seems like a great guy, and I hope the best for his career, but man, if he ever runs on a bigger stage, that rap battle is gonna come up again.
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dorothyisunderwood - Bwahahahaa!!! I liked the idea of peanut masala but I used cashews instead - it was tasty.

However since you bring it up, I was reading earlier about an investigation into Antoni's cooking ability, and proof that he can in fact cook.
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I received a text from one of my girlfriends in DC this weekend that a guy who used to frequent the coffeeshop we worked at in the early 00s and whom she briefly dated was on the show. She was fairly cackling about it.
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Oh, how I loved Mama Tammye! I want a Mama Tammye in my life. I think the Five got more out of that then Tammye did, but I gasped when I saw the oasis of her living space and I thought the community center was fab. If they used the trick of putting wood glue on the joints of that IKEA furniture before putting the screws in, it'll hold and hold well, and I trust Bobby to know that trick. (I wish they showed the actual team that built that -- surely Bobby didn't spend all week on his lonesome putting chairs together...)

Between that and the proposal episode, I was an absolute wreck. And Skyler! Oh, Skyler you are awesome and you look amazing.

I was passionately disinterested in the Burning Man guy. I don't feel like he actually engaged with the five that much, and then at the end he gave them literal actual garbage as a thank you gift. Bleh.

Arian had me so mad, like growling at the tv and shaking with apoplexy, by 15 minutes in that I turned it off and I only went back to it the next day. The whole thing felt like a scam and they were so nice to him anyway. I thought Karamo did especially well with him.

I also loved Mama Lulu. Netflix should give Mama Lulu a travel series now that she's an empty nester. I'd watch the crap out of that. Travels with Lulu!
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Just watched the Leo episode. It is 100% not his fault that the stupid pasta extruder didn't work.

Karamo is the smartest person there for sure.
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I've watched episodes 1 and 2 so far.

Episode 1: Initially I wasn't thrilled with the Momma Tammy episode because I wasn't super interested in watching them help transform a woman. But I liked how they treated it--especially Antoni saying "I'm not here to teach her, I'm here to learn," and then taking her instructions for making her pasta salad like a pro. Also, I thought that the transformation that they actually effected was on Myles. What a sweetheart. And I love Karamo so much and felt that he set such a good example for Myles. I also loved Bobby's conversation with Momma. So I agree with the comment above that this episode was more about the Fab 5 learning and making that visible on screen.

Episode 2: Wow, William is a really handsome guy! And his proposal idea was fantastic--I like that it seemed to really come from him (at least, I think so--it didn't seem like they were directing him or anything). That said, I didn't feel like the Fab 5 really got to know him the way they've done with other guys. Some of their choices seemed really off. Tan (whom I normally adore) taking him to Bonobos, when he normally shops at Good Will--and on a Walmart salary? That seemed really off and unsustainable. Same with Jonathan giving him a haircut that takes blowdrying and two products--even I don't do that. And Antoni taking him to a specialty store that must be very expensive for food--what could William learn from that?

As to the can-Antoni-cook question, I actually generally love his approach. It's so much more down to earth and relatable than Ted Allen ever was (much as I love me some Ted!). I used to cringe watching the original series while the made-over guy walked a highwire line to make some dish he had never tasted before and that required 15 different fussy steps. Antoni meets these guys where they are, which includes acknowledging a relatively sophisticated palate and jumpstarting it with a simple but fun dish (as with Neal), or doing something really simple and without turning on a stove (as with the guacamole).
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Totally agreed. Antoni teaches a simple dish or two and opens the guys' eyes to how easy and delicious something can be. William, adorable as he was, is a vegetarian and a fan of American cheese. By showing him a few varieties in a nonjudgey way (that cheese counter guy was needlessly sneery, I thought!), William's much more likely to take a risk and try new varieties. Wal-Mart has more than just Kraft singles now -- they have chevre, soft cheeses, fresh mozzarella, etc. Even some babybels from time to time make it feel like an occasion. So hopefully William would have the confidence and curiosity to branch out and get items local to him.
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Per one of the links I posted above in the comment about Antoni, maybe the second one, he actually teaches more dishes than are covered in the episodes. But yeah, he sticks to the simple stuff and that makes sense. A lot of people are really intimidated by the kitchen - I think it's great that he is able to show them simple dishes that don't involve advanced techniques.
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The wife and I are working through these, and with any show, on any given season, there are some clunkers.

- Burning Man Dude: I like that he ended up staying and finding love, but the whole episode seemed lackluster and he really didn't embrace the F5 like some people do, and really get into the process.
- Chainsmoking Video Game Dude: NOPE. We were infuriated from the first minute, and it doesn't seem (from the comments above) that it got any better. Glad we skipped it, because rage flipping televisions can get expensive.
- Momma Lulu and her Boy - This was just wonderful. She loved that kid and she really did set him up to succeed. His new bachelor pad looked amazing, and he just seemed like a genuinely kind and polite boy. I really wish him all the best, now that he's gotten rid of all the jackets that say "Sean" on the back.
- Mayor Ted - We were pretty shocked when they removed the beard. We thought it just needed a slight trim, and he could keep the gravitas it provided. His haircut looked atrocious, and we hope he grows both back out. Now he looks like any other of a dozen college students wandering around town. Instead of discussing 'international relations' (just how big is this town?), you can ask him where to get weed.
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I blasted through this season in a couple days. My feels:

Mama Tammye: I was crying straightaway. The fact that she was so intentional in her love for Myles, and stood up in church and basically challenged everyone else to change their mindset, so powerful.
William: super sweet, although that proposal is my personal idea of hell - but Shannan clearly was there for it.
Leo: I guess this ep was kind of ho hum, but it gave me all the feels... just seeing this guy who clearly loves his wife and kids to the moon and back needing a little nudge past his anxieties... it was beautiful. And yeah, wtf with that pasta machine, that never was going to be a good idea.
Jason: meh. I guess cute that he and his bestie got together, that's a good sign, but meh.
Skylar: I was really pleased we got to see a trans guy made over, although I was side-eyeing the fact that it kind of turned into torture-inspiration-porn... and Tan sitting him down to cry on his shoulder about how ignorant he is/used to be...that was icky.
Ari: dang, this kid. That was some next level dishonesty, which really does make me wonder what life was like before he moved out of his parent's house. On the one hand, I totally understand that sick-in-your-guts, strangling fear about feeling like a fuck up in your 20s, but that entire conversation where he was just blaming his professor for the fact that he didn't graduate, like, dude?
Sean: man, I really wasn't feeling this ep. I kind of hated Lulu? Like, you had 4 years to help your child socialise with peers, and instead it looks like you just took him to pinochle night with your buddies or performing at the local American Legion. Which just turned him into a weirdo - that exchange at the paintball place was excruciating. I guess the guys came good in the end, but I just really felt for that kid.
Mayor Ted: I was wholly unimpressed here. I agree that the haircut Jonathan gave him was teeeeerrible, like no, no, and no. He took those sides way too high (I actually really liked the shape on top to begin with, it just needed tightening up on the sides a bit), and I wish he'd left some beard! Ugh, the whole ep fell flat.

In general, Jonathan seems to do the same haircut 9 times out of 10 (I feel like we only get truly good shapes when he calls in somebody else, which he tends to do with black hair), Tan gives the French tuck/roll up the sleeves "for character"/desert boot speech to everyone, and Bobby relies heavily on jungle print/similar trendy-motif-that-will-look-dated-in-a-year touches for everyone. I wasn't sold on Antoni last season, but he and Karamo are my favs now.
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Haven't seen the Mayor Ted episode yet, but I thought they also got rid of too much of William's beard (the proposal guy). He definitely needed a major trim, but his beard was a part of his character and I don't think they needed to axe it completely. I don't think it's a great idea to drastically change someone's face right before a proposal. Especially since William said his fashion icon is Frasier Crane... that means he wants to look a bit Brit-tweedy, academic, intellectual, and bohemian. A well-kept beard would've been a great way to zero in on that. (I didn't really get Tan's utter aversion to the Frasier line except for humor. It definitely communicated something that he could work with, but he ignored it completely.)

In short: the boys don't respect beards enough!
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I think they obviously have a brief to make the transformations as high-octane as possible, and Jonathan in particular is the one in charge of the most visible elements. I agree that William should've retained more beard (I also thought Ari would've looked sharp with a tightened up beard) - in his case they were doing that skin analysis thing, I'm not sure if that was a factor in taking the beard so close. Anyway, it's just hair, it grows back, but I wish they'd rein it in.
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I was super creeped out by Lulu. I don't understand why she was calling herself "godmother" when it sounds like she adopted Sean as a baby. Most adoptive parents just call themselves "mom" or "dad." The fact that she pulled him out of school to spend more time with her give him more time to work on his music, that his tastes are all informed by her tastes, that she was taking him around to all her social settings to perform. His bedroom that was completely devoid of personality and appeared to be used to store Lulu's things. The whole thing smelled of narcissism and parentification and emotional incest. His piano was named Louise, ffs. I got a heavy vibe from her of being some who is SO! SWEET! until you want or like or need something she doesn't agree with. My heart really went out to that kid, and hopefully he's able to successfully separate himself and build his own life.

I was also concerned for Ari - coming clean with his mother clearly would have gone much worse without a camera in her face. I'm glad to see that he appears to have pulled his shit together.

One other thing I noticed in a couple of the episodes (particularly Leo and William) is that the men end up looking much more polished than their wives, mostly because the quality of their clothes is so much better. I felt particularly bad for Shannan in her sad Lularoe outfit next to William's snappy button down and jacket. I wonder if this ends up creating some tension between the couples.
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Ari seemed like a very inexperienced liar to me. I've had the displeasure of dealing with compulsive liars in the past and they lie about everything, but Ari stuck to badly lying about his graduation and possibly his job. I presume this was because he thought his parents might watch someday and was trying to keep up the pretense, as his roommates obviously new the truth.

I couldn't help but wonder if Ari had experienced some sort of depressive episode, and I feel like he probably could have benefitted from seeing a mental health care professional instead of taking a lie detector test. I was ready to be just furious with him in the episode, because this is a moment in time when I am ready to be furious at any compulsive liar, but instead he struck me as someone who had an emotional collapse that nobody has really acknowledged.

Anyway, it's probably a hell of a relief that he doesn't have to lie to his mother anymore, although, if she's like my mother, she now brings up the topic relentlessly. He's going to have to complete that class to get the pressure off him.
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I think it should be mandatory that the last episode of each season should be a "Where Are They Now?" recap from everyone from the previous season. I want to see some "still got it going on" and some "dropped it 5 minutes after they left" and everything in between with no advance notice.
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Through eps 1 & 2 so far. Tammye was a hardworking lady. Dang. Her description of her apology to her son was moving. I wonder if he remembers it the same way. Why didn't we ever talk to her husband?

Does Jonathan know how to do black people's hair? Seems safer to find an actual black barber.

Tammye telling Karamo how important he is as a role model caused all the tears!

Ep 2: I thought that dude was like 60 when he started! Apparently I can't tell age through a beard at all. I was amazed by his stage presence and unembarrassed embrace of his role both in the movie and when he ran out on stage. Seemed so different from Mr Frasier Has Good Fashion.

I think Tan is in a rut. French tuck, roll up short sleeves a little bit, tapered leg pants, add a blazer, done.

Agreed that the women's clothes tend to look a little sad in comparison to the men's new look. Maybe the person's partner could get a blowout from Jonathan or something?
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Ari’s episode was frustrating, but there are cultural factors at play that were pretty obvious to me as an Iranian-American viewer. He mentioned the immigrant-expectations factor, but I could also see how the Iranian system of manners led to an increasing web of lies because he didn’t want to be an imposition or a disappointment. He’s also clearly suffering from major depression.

His mother killed him after the cameras were gone, and then his father killed him again. Guaranteed. He’s a fuckup, but I get it, and I feel for him.
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(Also, according to the internet, he did actually go on to finish his degree after filming, so at least there’s that)
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I've now seen all but the last episode. I'm enjoying this new season, though it feels like the first season was more satisfying--maybe just the initial rush of nostalgia is wearing off? I really like each of the guys and have enjoyed seeing their personalities come out more. I've especially enjoyed seeing Tan go outside of his lane a few times (to take Ari to the gym and to cook with Jason), and Bobby connecting on some really emotional territory (the role of religion in his life, sharing that he was adopted with Lulu). Individual ep comments:

Episode 3: Leo was so sweet and I think Karamo did a great job of helping him connect with other dads. It was really interesting to see all the dads together because you could see that they're all struggling with how to present in the world as engaged dads--and I hope that helped Leo. It would be awesome if they dug into that more. I love what Bobby did in the kitchen and the closet.

Episode 4: Jonathan could have left Jason with a little more hair. I like how the guys engaged with the cool objects Jason had and incorporated that into his new space and activities. But it did feel hard to get to know him.

Episode 5: I thought this episode with Skylar was really, really moving, and eye-opening. And I'm glad they showed how it affected the Fab 5 too. I'm also so pleased they brought Skylar's icon in to meet with him. That said, the whole time I was thinking about how Skylar said that he was looking at $100-200K in medical debt from the complications of his surgery, and so I kept thinking--couldn't they have just saved all the money they spent on his apartment and wardrobe and given it to him?? Ugh. Medical care in this country...

Episode 6: I agree with everything that's been said about Ari. I was so stressed seeing his obvious depression not being addressed. I hope what the internet says about his subsequent graduation and employment is right.

Episode 7: I really wish Jonathan had left Sean with more hair too! He's a prime candidate for a shaggier style and I feel like JVN just made him look so standard. Though I loved the apartment design, I felt that it was almost too much--like it might actually be hard to invite peers there because it was so different from what their spaces are like. I really hope Sean gets introduced to some music of the current era in college!
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Oh, forgot to add: despite my critiques to Jonathan's styling, HIS hair has looked amAZing this season.
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I think it should be mandatory that the last episode of each season should be a "Where Are They Now?" recap from everyone from the previous season. I want to see some "still got it going on" and some "dropped it 5 minutes after they left" and everything in between with no advance notice.

Although they’re calling this ‘Season 2’, these 8 episodes were filmed during the same time as the 8 from Season 1. I think that explains the lackluster nature of a lot of these episodes, as they led with their best makeovers/most emotional stories, and these were all the ones deemed second-best.

I nearly finished the finale last night, and aside from Mama Tammye, the proposal, and Skylar, the rest of the episodes felt pretty ‘meh.’’

I do hope they do a 3rd season, though, in a different state.
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Y'all have watched the 20-min Australia episode they just released? My phone won't let me make a direct YouTube link so there's the buzzfeed page with it embedded.

Bustle does little how are they now articles on each person after the episodes that aren't too scary stalker.
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I did watch the Australia episode. I liked the raw feeling of it, it was a little more exciting than season 2. But the short time run made it seem a little too fast from "cow shit" to final product. Also, admittedly I wasn't watching with full attention, but why were they also making over a bistro? Was that connected to George at all?
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This tweet really sums up my cumulative feeling about QE (I'm not calling them S1 and S2 since that was a manufactured season break and they were all filmed at once):

every ep of Queer Eye

bobby: your house is blue and grey now
antoni: do you like dip
tan: patterned shirt, french tuck
jonathan: literally just wash your face
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bobby: your house is blue and grey now

Hey now, in S1 there was that guy whose kitchen was painted partly black and had a black bedroom wall. I want to say it was the gay black guy?

And (also S1) wasn't the religious guy's playroom green and white?

I <3 Bobby and I feel I must defend his honor out here on the internet!
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liquorice: Thanks! And interesting to hear your perspective. I agree it could have been a full episode!

Emmy Rae: I sort of love Bobby too! I like to think of him as the sleeper hit of the Fab 5.
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‘Queer Eye’ will talk about race, religion and gender — but not about class
Here’s something to consider: Perhaps a couch from Goodwill is what [Bobby and Shannan] can afford. Maybe they didn’t replace perfectly functional furniture because bedroom sets cost money. It’s possible that Shannan trims William’s hair in their bathroom because professional haircuts are expensive. For a show that touts self-love and confidence, it spends a fair amount of time ignoring financial obstacles and shaming hard-working people for their outdated or messy homes.
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Buzzfeed: In a delightful interview with Vulture on Wednesday, Jonathan Van Ness, the backbone of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot, got very honest about whether he'd make over the Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding on the grounds of his religious beliefs.

Basically: no he would not and he knows all the facts about the case, thank you very much.
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Clarkston featured on the Today Show (YT). The mayor appears to be maintaining his Queer Eye look.
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Nailed It and Queer Eye have a cross-over episode on Nailed It's season 2, episode 7. So far it's a lot of fun.
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BJ Kaspar interviews Skyler Jay for Them: Skyler Jay Reveals His True Feelings on Queer Eye's Trans Makeover Episode.
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" Perhaps a couch from Goodwill is what [Bobby and Shannan] can afford."

Yeah, that struck me a bunch.

"Why don't you have nice clothes, why do you shop at goodwill, why is your furniture old and broken? Here, you'll look much better after we bring you to a high-end men's store and buy nice suits for you." Well, yeah... But I'd be fucking impressed if they instead went to goodwill, and made folks look great with those clothes. Anyone can make folks look great with an unlimited budget.

So now these folks have a few outfits that won't necessarily work for them culturally if their friends and social circle are at a much lower socio-economic class than all the free shit they just got. Stuff that will wear out, and they won't be able to replace.

I love the show (and haven't read the link about class that I quoted yet), but there are some blindspots.
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The Atlantic also addresses the question of class:
But Queer Eye doesn’t want the audience to think quite so much about what’s arguably its greatest entertainment: the easy-breezy spending of money—and money’s great proxies, time and labor. Hollywood screenwriting textbooks advise creating characters who have an external motivation (get the treasure, save the world) and an internal motivation (find love, move on from trauma) so that movies can provide the magic of resolving two quests at once. Queer Eye performs the same sleight of hand. Can you learn to love yourself anew without new stuff? The show, unsurprisingly but also significantly, avoids the question.
(the whole article is worth reading).
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"Why don't you have nice clothes, why do you shop at goodwill, why is your furniture old and broken? Here, you'll look much better after we bring you to a high-end men's store and buy nice suits for you." Well, yeah... But I'd be fucking impressed if they instead went to goodwill, and made folks look great with those clothes. Anyone can make folks look great with an unlimited budget. So now these folks have a few outfits that won't necessarily work for them culturally if their friends and social circle are at a much lower socio-economic class than all the free shit they just got. Stuff that will wear out, and they won't be able to replace.

The hell of it is, the original version actually did address this with clothes. If there was a case where someone was on a more limited budget, Carson would confine the shopping to places like H&M, and say something like "it isn't necessarily about how much money you spend, it's about knowing what to look for and how to look for it, so budget places can work too." He would also discuss the wisdom behind picking up just a few pieces of clothing that you can mix and match and it all works together, as both a wardrobe and budget wise move.

.....On the other hand, this iteration seems to know more about what to do with Karamo than the older version knew how to use Jai.
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Via this QE-related post on the blue, I found out that JVN has a podcast called Getting Curious. And he's been interviewing the rest of the fab 5 on it. Here you go (links are to Earwolf but you can find episodes on iTunes too and I'm sure other platforms):

What’s Your Origin Story? With Bobby Berk

Who Are You, Tan? with Tan France

Who Gave You Permission to be So Cute? with Karamo Brown

Where Are You From, Antoni? with Antoni Porowski

I usually get frustrated with unscripted podcasts where people sometimes talk over each other but in this case I am giving it a pass. Because. I now wonder if this should be a separate FanFare thing under podcasts but then I have to go all the way back to episode 1 and I'm in the middle of the Bobby episode and WOW.
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....I just got to the episode with Skyler and abruptly realized that, er, I went to college with him.

Huh. Small world.
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oh my god and he hasn't actually changed noticeably since college, either, down to the damn hats.

I... goodness, this is weird.
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I have so many things to say and also my head is a little bit exploded and also too many of them are slightly catty and--good god this is weird and unreal

Peter Pan, no kidding
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I recoiled from the way Tan used the term "safe space" with Skyler. You mean safe for you, Tan. And you mean safe from feeling bad. It was rather blithe and very entitled to toss a "I hope that this can be a safe space" intro in there before he goes on to acknowledge his transphobia in a way that pressures Skyler to grant him absolution for it. Did he stop to think that this isn't just a disclaimer, that "safe space" might mean something very different for a trans man than it means for a relatively privileged cis man, even though Tan is a gay man of color?

I like this incarnation of the show, but I wish that they would go farther to understand class differences.
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