FLCL: Stone Skipping
June 17, 2018 12:32 AM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

It's time for the Obligatory Beach Episode, as the cast hits the shores for some relaxation. But given that Haruko's involved, there's definitely more at play here for Ide and Hidomi...
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Best opening dream so far. The cold on my skin is the temperature of the universe.

This hit the spot the same way the original did. A couple of episodes that are just bizarre and full of WTF, then it starts making a bit of sense, and starts getting awesome.

I think the audio mix is off. The music is there but needs to be louder. Maybe that's a dub thing.

Ob: I once named a pair of servers raharu and kanchi. My boss asked me what those names meant and I showed him a picture of haruko in a bunny suit ala daicon... He never asked me what my server names meant ever again. :)
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In retrospect, I love the continuity of the emotional support plant. I'm running a touch cold on this season since FLCL was such a formative show in my young adult life, and now I'm at a different place. I do love the fact that this is the female view of coming of age and teenage sexuality, but it still seems a little too "male-gazey" for me.
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