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June 24, 2018 12:17 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

It's Hidomi...and she's energetic? This is a complete departure from the quiet, reserved girl we've seen in previous episodes, and for most, it's a happy change. But for Ide, Haruko, and Jinyu, this new Hidomi isn't the real one...
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So yeah, that went all FLCL on us.

In a way, it's not surprising that the series used the fourth episode to break everything - the original did that as well. Continuing with the metaphor of female sexual awakening, we see Hidomi go from one side of expression of response - covering it up - to another - becoming what others want you to be. Though in her case, this is much more literal, with the MM headphones directly receiving new commands, showing this by glowing red and indicating signal strength. But in the end, this is just as false a front as the one we've been seeing, and with the way the episode ends, it looks like Hidomi's starting to realize it too.

So, notes:
* The creators are really showing their contempt for modern anime trends with Aiko and her "compensated dating". It's as if they're trying to say something about moe...
* Poor Canti, being crucified like Lilith in Eva (and more or less used in the same manner, given the plant.) You just know that shot is going to launch memes.
* Speaking of Canti, what they said about him was interesting - that he was only a shell for Atomisk to interact through.
" The big fight once again came back to duality and a literal red/blue oni showdown, with Haruko and Jinyu squaring off. Their philosophies regarding Atomisk are worth looking at - Haruko wants to control him, Jinyu wants him to be free.
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