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A 12-year old boy named Naota one day meets a strange woman, riding a Vespa and wielding a big guitar. As soon as she appears, mysterious things start happening.


FLCL: Full Flat  Season 3, Episode 6

The countdown to doomsday has begun, as terminal cores lock onto plants around the world. But for Kana, struggling with Pets' decision to evacuate, the focus is on trying to hold onto normalcy in a world gone mad - and for Haruko, it's time for Kana to learn what she is truly capable of... [more inside]
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FLCL: Shake It Off  Season 3, Episode 5

Things are heating up - literally - with the revelation of the new iron, as Medical Mechanica moves forward with their plans. But for Kana, there's something more pressing - Pets is missing, and nobody knows where she is. And in the process of looking for her, Kana learns that she might not have known her best friend at all...
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FLCL: Pit-a-Pat  Season 3, Episode 4

Love's a battlefield, and Kana's learning that the hard way with Haruko all over her crush Sasaki, the manager of the basketball team. But given that N-O is tied to arousal, there's more going on here (as is usually the case when it comes to Haruko)...
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FLCL: Freestyle Collection  Season 3, Episode 3

With rain and college planning bringing a melancholy mood, Kana and her friends talk about their dreams for the future - and find out that Mossan has a powerful one, one that's driving her to work to her limits. But a friendly attempt to help her achieve her dreams has her angered, which leaves her friends surprised...
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FLCL: Grown-Up Wannabe  Season 3, Episode 2

When Kana and the girls catch Hijiri kissing a college student, the news has them (and Kana in particular) thinking about being grown up, and what that means. But being adult means more than Kana thinks, especially involving love, relationships...and what's actually important in the long run...
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FLCL: Flying Memory  Season 3, Episode 1

Kana is a high schooler who is just living her life - going to school, working part time at a soba shop, and hanging out with her friends (and getting into trouble with them.) But a chance encounter with a certain pink haired woman at work one day shows her that while she might be reluctant to deal with the world, the world isn't going to wait to deal with her any longer... [more inside]
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FLCL: Our Running  Season 2, Episode 6

With the manifestation of the Pirate King due to the mass manipulation of N-O, the endgame of Haruko's machinations has been reached. But a resolved (and partially transformed) Hidomi has confronted her, demanding that she return Ide...
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FLCL: Fool On The Planet  Season 2, Episode 5

The repercussions of Haruko and Jinyu's fight weigh heavily on Hidomi and Ide, and with Haruko announding her departure, Ide decides that now is the time to confront her. Meanwhile, another conspiracy (involving the local amusement park) comes to a head...
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FLCL: Loopqr  Season 2, Episode 4

It's Hidomi...and she's energetic? This is a complete departure from the quiet, reserved girl we've seen in previous episodes, and for most, it's a happy change. But for Ide, Haruko, and Jinyu, this new Hidomi isn't the real one...
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FLCL: Stone Skipping  Season 2, Episode 3

It's time for the Obligatory Beach Episode, as the cast hits the shores for some relaxation. But given that Haruko's involved, there's definitely more at play here for Ide and Hidomi...
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FLCL: Freebie Honey  Season 2, Episode 2

With Ide absent from school, Hidomi finds herself tasked by Haruko to bring his classwork to him - a task that has her learning about the parts of Ide's life that he keeps secret from his fellow classmates...
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FLCL: Re:Start  Season 2, Episode 1

Hidomi is an apathetic high school girl, which wouldn't be that unusual, except that she dreams of a post-apocalyptic landscape, giant irons making everything flat, and transforming into a robot to stop said irons. And after a run-in (literally) with a mysterious woman in a mid-50s Chevy Bel-Air, she suddenly has all sorts of weird things happen in her life, like being attacked by a monster that came out of the head of her classmate Ide, and suddenly having a red horn protruding from her forehead... [more inside]
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