My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 417: DVDs For The People
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We're settling into the smoky, comfortable embrace of the authorial lifestyle, which means this show's about to get a LOT more distinguished. Smear some of your fanciest cheese on your most exquisite bread, and let's get erudite together. Suggested talking points: Fancy Author Chat, A Twice-Lost Wallet, The Ross Archetype, 10 Straight Hours of Zydeco, The Slowest Imaginable Fast Food, The Hollywood Seal of Approval
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I had all this tension regarding the Chik Fil A discussion. I still can't believe how many people value a sandwich over gay rights, which is especially in my mind as the chain recently announced Canadian expansion into my city. So a lot of that tension was relieved as Griffin brought up the homophobia of the chain. Thanks for that my good good boy.
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I may have laughed harder at "pubberty" than I have at any other joke in the history of the show.
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A lot of funny stuff in this one but kind of ran out of steam towards the end.
The whole time they were talking about the ChikfilA thing I was thinking how great it would be to pick up a meal kit from a drive through. Delivery stuff doesn’t work great for me and I’m very bad at grocery shopping. I wish everything was available by drive through.
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You know, I don't think we've gotten a YaDrew question from Drew Davenport since episode 405... I'm getting worried about him.

I hope he doesn't disappear like Ira Wray.
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Who wants to know?
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I like how they started out the podcast with a bit about how well the adventure zone book has sold, but completely forgot about it by the end when they're plugging stuff and said "Oh yeah, we didn't mention our book! You should go buy it!"
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In re: the book, it’s on backorder at my local book store. They did a good good job!
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Ira Wray shows up in the Flop House facebook group sometimes. Drew is active on twitter.
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I actually preordered the book, which is unusual for me. It was great! I just downloaded the first arc from Adventure Zone to give it a relisten.
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