FLCL: Grown-Up Wannabe
September 15, 2018 11:57 PM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

When Kana and the girls catch Hijiri kissing a college student, the news has them (and Kana in particular) thinking about being grown up, and what that means. But being adult means more than Kana thinks, especially involving love, relationships...and what's actually important in the long run...
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This episode is, very simply, NUT and REVOROOT's way of having a discussion with the original series, distilled down. There are so many echoes back to the original, like the spicy food (changing it out from curry to doner kebab is an interesting touch), and treating being aloof as a sign of maturity. But it's not just about callbacks - these components are there to be reflected on.

Also, can I just say that Evil Prius Bumblebee was hilarious?
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I spewed my drink out my nose over the Mars, Venus, Penis line.
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This ANN recap covers a lot of what really made this episode tick for me.
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