American Horror Story: Boy Wonder
October 11, 2018 1:34 PM - Season 8, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Cordelia agrees to a bargain with the warlocks.
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At least as good as last week's, and maybe even better because it didn't bother with the (I'm sorry) lame as fuck apocalypse at all. This season is only ten episodes (!), which means that we're halfway through, and also that we wasted a third of the runtime on a really weak filler plot. Next: Murder House.
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I definitely enjoy these "flashback" episodes more. This is a really weird way to structure the season. I mean by next week there will be as many flashback episodes as there will be apocalypse now episodes.
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I am loving this season so far. It feels like such an indulgence having the witches back - season 3 was one of my favorites! Plus, it's great to see AHS go a little old school again. I have watched every season but they almost lost me after Cult. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm wondering if Jessica Lange might make a cameo next week when they go explore Murder House? I wonder which of the ghosts there will speak with the witches?

Also: I wonder if they will return to NOLA and administer the seven wonders to Mallory to help fight Langdon. I'm also interested in learning why when the witches council first appeared it was Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison. What happened between Langdon bringing her back and when they return after the Apocalypse to the school turned bomb shelter? What happened to Zoe?

Loving the Warlocks too btw.
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