Mystery Science Theater 3000: JACK FROST   Rewatch 
November 8, 2018 2:20 AM - Season 8, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Of the four Russo-Finish movies MST did, Jack Frost was the only one to make it into our poll, and here it is. It's the story of a braggart young man who gets turned into a bear by Father Mushroom but gets better. It's the story of a young lady whose wicked stepmother makes constantly work and take back seat to her own spiteful daughter. It's the story of a bunch of bandits in the woods and their annual clubs. And it's the story of Father Christmas, who we presume is the titular Jack Frost, and his dangerous accessories. It's another crazy, but somewhat charming, journey through the asteroid belt of forklore and whimsy for the SOL and its crew. Previously.
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Every week we in MST Club watch an episode of MST3K together via a video share room. You should join us! We do this Thursday nights starting at 7 PM Eastern time with a preroll movie, usually something crazy and fun, and watch the episode itself at 9 PM Eastern, all at I hope you can make it!
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Every winter, more than once, I get myself through a cold walk by thinking, "It's colder than a bucket of penguin poop / it's colder than a polar bear's butt . . ."

I know that Jack Frost is Morozko or Ded Moroz, but I don't know what the Russian or Finnish name for Father Mushroom would be.
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No, no, Ivanushka!
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My popovers!
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It's time to talk CLUB BIDNESS!

The plan is to have the normal showing this Thursday, that's November 15th.

Official Turkey Day 2018 is being held the Sunday before Thanksgiving, on the 18th, not on Thanksgiving Day itself, on the 22nd.

In the past, these have been internet broadcast via Twitch. If this is done again, and assuming no other technical obstacles, we will embed this stream at the MST Club page, at, as we've done in past years, so that we may watch the show with our own modest comments instead of those of the rapidly-scrolling entire MSTie internet. It looks to be a good show this year: it's possible that they will show all of Season 12 in the marathon!

It's been confirmed what the movies are in Season 12, by the way. If the order matches that of the trailer, then the episodes and show numbers are:

The infamously bad ET-knockoff that won a Razzie Award, for Worst New Character, for Ronald McDonald. There's a How Did This Get Made episode for this movie, even. I wonder how much of the show's budget was consumed to get the rights for this....

It's a genuine mockbuster, and MST3K's first movie from The Asylum!

A 1989 movie about undersea explorers finding sea people. I don't know much about this other than its relative recency.

I would expect from the title that this movie would be either very very short or very very long. IMDB tells me it's about aliens, solar power, and a suburban family getting sucked back to prehistoric times.

Looks to be a bottom-of-the-barrel killer piranha movie, starring Lee Majors.

At long last, the show returns to do the movie that 301 CAVE DWELLERS was a sequel to! See the origins of the pec-studded, low-key barbarian hero played by Miles and Miles O'Keefe!

On Thanksgiving Day, the plan is to put in a playlist of MST episodes found on YouTube, for a low-stress marathon kind of thing. As with our Christmas show, it'll be there if you want it, in case you need a break from relatives or cooking or whatever, or if you don't have anyone to spend it with and want to hang out with us internet losers, or for whatever other reason at all.

After that, MST Club is going to switch gears. We'll go back into Primary Post mode and do Season 12 up right with an episode a week again! We'll take a break one of those weeks, probably for the usual Christmas Marathon on December 24 and 25. After that, we'll resume our polled "best of" episodes, and after that, well, we haven't decided yet. Stay tuned!
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What if, instead of Mac and Me, that episode is actually just all the clips Paul Rudd never played for Conan?
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The Day Time Ended! What a great choice! I think I submitted that as an idea for Rifftrax once. I saw one clip and it looked like a nightmare I had as a child.
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