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Rewatch! Ray Dennis Steckler, a.k.a. "Cash Flagg," was one of the more infamous Z-list Hollywood directors, and he was responsible for this film, which is something. A guy gets hypno'd by a carnival fortune teller into becoming an insane killer. The fortune teller's assistant Ortega is a sight, and immediately became the Torgo of the Sci-Fi Channel era of MST3K. Lots of the movie is just time spent watching bad performances on-stage at the carnival, pointless and unabridged. This movie is one of the worst in the show's history. Previously.

A note on this one: MST3K is, for the most part, a lot more progressive than 90s comedy tended to be, and especially better than the era of Comedy Central that followed it (South Park's success, and Comedy Central's attempts to rebottle that lightning, has resulted in a lot of horrendous television), but it has been pointed out by the hosts of the podcast It's Just A Show (episode) that there is some unfortunate transphobia in the riffing to this one. Please be aware of this while you watch this episode. I will not defend it, but I will say it is not the sort of thing the show would resort to in the present day.
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One of MST3k's most memorable films. The credit sequence is effective, and you can see what they were trying to do with particular shots/sequences, even if they don't all really work. The random burlesque act filler doesn't help it succeed as a film, but is an interesting time capsule.
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