Psycho-Pass: Unforbidden Games
November 6, 2014 12:42 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The MSWPB continue to investigate the crime scene from earlier that day at the clinic but don't find anything new other than the same mysterious message "WC?" Meanwhile, Inspector Akane is working with other people to continue checking up on potential suspects tied to Kamui and visit one of his a possible secret bases. All seems normal until halfway there is a sudden incident connected to the drone's controls ends up causing another problem.

It's interesting enough even though how dangerous Kamui starts out to the Inspectors he is able to convince a larger number of people he's working for society's greater good. It'd be too simplistic to say he's "brainwashing" them as they retain some of their original ideas and personalities.

I know opinions surrounding Mika are (understandably) polarized due to her inexperience but there's a sense she sincerely trusts in Sybil vs some of the more jaded individuals in the cast. She confronts the Chief about her worries about her fellow Inspector yet it's not based on malice or some hidden agenda.

Although other Divisions haven't been shown often in the series before it's nice to know that they have noticed some favoritism towards Akane. It'd make sense since she's always being called up to the higher offices and given missions over the others. This is important because it shows people other than Mika who might see Akane to be suspicious and not a personal grudge between co-workers.

As far as mysterious figures go Togane does win that category not just because of his connection to the infamous Pharmaceutical company, but how he talks and acts like a detective but is not. Why again does he act this way? His room at the police is barren and apart from a single childhood photo on his desk there is not much the audience can say.

All those photos of Inspector Akane is somewhat puzzling but then again they do work together in the same Division so it's not like he's stalking her around the city. I'm more interested on all those labeled floppy disks and I haven't seen that form of storage for awhile.

Also, Jouji is working with the Inspectors at their offices, he feels like a wild card to me, because he has probably the most experienced from his past job and studies on criminal profiling. Yet it's strange how they recruited it much later even though he is useful during interrogations.

About the smartphone game could be a reference to one of the IRL counterparts but it's too generic other than linking the two names. Not much can say about the factory other than I think they should increase safety measures in the future.

The short summary is referenced from Wikipedia's episode listing for Psycho-Pass S2.

P-P Season 2 is available for streaming at Funimation at 12:50 PM EST.
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Thanks, after receiving some feedback on my prior post I've been thinking of ways to keep the extended post concise but not skip over any important clues. I'm still working on the other missing episode posts too.
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Thanks for posting all of these. I started watching this episode this morning but I haven't finished yet. I just wanted to write: the Chief said what I've been thinking the whole time - Mika won't last long. I thought she was going to snap when so many people were blown up in front of her, due to her own lack of action. (See, you can get in trouble for your actions, and your lack of actions.)
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Jouji is a weird character, considering he's a latent criminal who seems to have a good amount of freedom. Then again, maybe his Criminal Coefficient is low enough, and he turned himself in, that he's treated like an enforcer of sorts - utilized, but under general supervision.

As for Togane, he seems to be another example of Sybil trying to understand the potential (for wickedness) in people. In this episode, did his eyes turn red, or was that light reflecting from something?
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