Psycho-Pass: The Salvation of Job
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After interrogating the politician Masuda, Inspector Akane finds herself at a dead end about Kamui other than hearing his name tied to clear HUEs. However, Inspector Aoyanagi does gain some new info related to Kamui's motives and ideals for their society from the criminal.

Meanwhile. at the medical clinic despite being at a significant disadvantage, Inspector Aoyanagi feels responsible for the protection of the citizens and takes action to prevent any more casualties. Fortunately, she manages to take back her Dominator from the criminal but it's ineffective as his HUE is too low for enforcement level.

At the same time the criminal shows little to no reaction to the sudden developments and starts ranting about "eustress deficiency," which is believed to be a "myth" by the higher officials. Yet the Police Chief is now concerned and requests another Division to takeover the mission from Inspector Mika who is uncertain how to react on her own.

There is confusion as no one knows exactly what is causing the area's stress level to jump extremely high but since the clinic is closed off from view by shutters they can't see what is occurring inside either. This problem is solved by a new Dominator model with the ability to shoot through walls in situations where it's too risky to engage. One of the Enforcers checked the Crime Coefficients and decide to use Lethal Mode on the highest person inside assuming it's the criminal.

At the very moment Inspector Aoyanagi finally is able to unlock the shutters and control the situation but is killed by the Dominator by mistake because of how high her Crime Coefficient had been in the area. Although, the hostages are relieved they can escape from the clinic but due to their unstable mental stages are seen as a threat and end up being casualties by the Enforcers outside.

Inspector Akane and Ginoza rush there too late and is horrified by the violence and how the other Division dealt with the hostage situation at the clinic. In the back of the room there is another "WC?" note left by Kamui at the crime scene.

The short summary is referenced from Wikipedia's episode listing for Psycho-Pass S2.

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posted by chrono_rabbit (4 comments total)
I found this episode really harrowing to watch. (Not least thanks to Shimotsuki's stupidity)
posted by joethefob at 5:45 PM on November 7, 2014

Well, that was a disaster. (Alternatively: That was a disaster.) Although I suppose by another standard (keeping the system running\preventing info about the Kamui situation getting out) Division 3's actions could be considered a rousing success.

It seems to be too much to ask Inspectors to think for themselves; Shimotsuki seemed to be more concerned with taking the wrong actions and looking bad than actually getting shit done.
posted by supermassive at 6:11 PM on November 7, 2014

True, it's when you notice when everything starts breaking down is where you start to question how everyone lived until then w/o Sybil. I do feel some pity for Aoyanagi who started to have a bit of personal story going on and seemed to be on friendly terms w/Gino but that ended fast.

The other nitpicks I had were the gross amount of violence in the episode and I've been watching anime for almost a decade now orz. I know some viewers said it made the scene "dark" but for me it made it over the top and silly for a pivotal moment between Inspectors and civilians.

Actually, for me it took away from the events because so many people all died at once and it ends up desensitizing the audience. It's not about the people who died but how the Division failed to react in a correct manner to the hostage situation.
posted by chrono_rabbit at 1:12 PM on November 8, 2014

it's when you notice when everything starts breaking down is where you start to question how everyone lived until then w/o Sybil

My read on this is that because Sybil is so engrained in society, with people turning to Sybil to ensure their happiness in nearly everything they do, people have simply forgotten what it was like before the all-knowing techno-god. People have terribly short memories, especially when faced with a new reality day in, day out. There are some who revolt (seen in larger numbers in the last season, with a mere 3 seen in this season), but those who are part of the system, like MWPSB Inspectors and Enforcers who utilize the Judge, Jury and Executioner end of the Sybil system, can't question Sybil or they would be culpable for their actions. As it is, they're not killing anyone, they're simply carrying out the judgement of Sybil, acting as an extension of the system.

This was the worst episode, by far, for gratuitous violence, for the reasons you pointed out chrono_rabbit. One death is a tragedy. A dozen becomes a "mis-handled sitaution."
posted by filthy light thief at 11:48 AM on December 5, 2014

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