The Flash: Cause and XS
February 12, 2019 8:09 PM - Season 5, Episode 14 - Subscribe

After Iris lands in serious danger, Nora races to save her mother. Barry puts the finishing touches on the metahuman cure, and Cisco decides to take Kamilla on a date.
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Ugh. I really have to avoid thinking about that so-called slow down solution enacted by Nora and Team Flash because I'm pretty sure that logically it makes absolutely no sense and that it will just give me a headache to try and make it work.
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I was... less than impressed with the SFX in this episode. Some of the middle-distance shots of XS runnings looked especially CGIed and, like, old CGI. Lawnmower Man quality.
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It's Groundhog Hour!

Dear lord, Cisco's dates were painful. I had to put the mute on after a while while that was going on. Thank vibe he eventually figured out the issue.
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Cisco's date cycle had me groaning at the writers. He is supposed to have grown as a character. Now we have to watch cringe inducing BS from a character that should never have even considered deceiving a date about his day job. It was like watching a bad SNL bit.
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so team Flash had no qualms about going back in time and embedding a weapon against Cicada in a building support pillar, and none of them thought to just have Barry go back in time by a month and let the serum synthesize safely somewhere in Star Labs?

Cisco's date were supposed to be the funny bits but I just couldn't care less, especially since he showed previously that he didn't need the Ralph Book in his life.

I do like that they actually applied the fixed point in time idea to this show since Legends is in the same universe.
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