My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 453: The Grotto of Gains
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Wow, oh boy, do we hope you love benign observational humor. Oh jeez. We've really put all our chips down on benign observational humor, and if that doesn't pay off — yikes! We're gonna lose our shirts! Suggested talking points: PGA Street Ball, Owl Trust, Bug Armor, Emergency Greeting Card, Jacked Triton, A Wet Edible Aggro Crag, Candy Boss, The Ravioli Beast
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I don't believe for a second that anyone working on that ravioli conveyer belt doesn't think about popping one of them raw boys in their mouth at least once a day.
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I'm kind of horrified that Justin let a four year old watch Home Alone and then was all surprised that she thinks it's a horror movie. It's literally a horror movie. I to this day have a phobia of people trying to get in the house that I've had since I was little and it's probably not unrelated to seeing a scary story about what that's like.

I did enjoy everything else about this episode! My advice to ravioli person would be just eat a lot of ravioli at home until you never want to look at it again.
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A year ago when my oldest was six my wife and I were talking about movies to watch for Christmas with the kid. We talked about Grinch, Muppet Christmas Carol, etc and then started talking about Home Alone. After bringing it up we quickly scotched it because we decided our rather sensitive six-year old would not find it very enjoyable.

"What's it about?," she asks.

"Well, it's about a family who accidentally leaves their child home on Christmas."


"Yeah, and while they're gone some bad guys try and rob his house."

"Why didn't they come back for him?"

"Well they didn't realize he was even missing until they got to where they were going and by that time..."

"They didn't realize he was missing? Are they good parents?"

"Well ..."

"Do the bad guys get him?"

"No, no. He sets a bunch of traps and stops the bad guys and the parents come back."

"Oh, whew, that's good - I'll bet they never do that again!"

"Well, actually there's a second movie..."

And she didn't believe the parents would forget their precious boy again until we showed her a trailer.
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Yeah and like, why would a child need to be exposed to this at all?? I'm still really pretty mad that I had to watch it without my consent.
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I did enjoy how quickly their riff on Catherine O'Hara's flight home turned into Tired Parent Fantasies.
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I've slowly been working through the MBMBAM back catalog (starting from around episode 100, which was in 2012) while also keeping up with their current shows. And in general it's been fascinating to witness them thrashing about while descending into middle age.
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