My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 454: Face 2 Face: April Foods’ Day
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We apologize to the city of San Jose for how many pranks we did on this episode, in which we celebrated the Great Pranking Day while recording a live show. If you want to be similarly pranked, good news! This episode also has details on the Become the Monster tour, coming (maybe) to a city near you!
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Wow, this might have been one of their best live shows, and absolutely one of the greatest Munch Squads
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Theirs and the Slate Gabfest are the only live shows I'll listen to; all other podcasts need that studio editing. The brothers even have their live questions done right, now, they're listenable! Even enjoyable!
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The brothers even have their live questions done right, now, they're listenable! Even enjoyable!

I was at the Brooklyn live show that very, very clearly led to their immediate decision to fix how they did live show questions. It included a dude trying to challenge LMM to a rap battle (LMM was not on stage and, according to the flustered brothers, at least, had already left) and was generally an utter shitshow.

I'm really glad to see them find a way that works now.
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I was here! It was very fun. The venue was a large flat gymnasium which gave it a fun, different vibe.

Even after the fixes they made to the audience questions they're still my least favorite but much, much better than they used to be for sure.

Also I was super amused when they were like "Oh wow we love San Jose we'll definitely come back" and I was like ok bud but like 90% of the people here drove down from somewhere else.
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I love the Winchester Mystery House so much. It fills my heart with joy to know that they enjoyed it as much as I do, and that they had the same exact "wait, she was just an arthritic rich woman, and there's no reason why we all believe the house is a ghost maze?" reaction that I think everyone gets.
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