Happy!: Some Girls Need a Lot of Repenting
April 17, 2019 10:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Amanda gets fired as her PTSD deepens. Sax pulls off a heist. Hailey is surprised by help with her bullying problem.

Nick is unwittingly hired to steal videotapes from Sonny Shine's house. In the process, he meets Bebe DeBarge, Shine's wife (Ann Margaret) as well as encountering a nude statute of Shine with, um, surprising features. The videos, which initially appear to be Bebe and Shine's sex videos, reveal a character engaging in neonazi behavior. Happy recognizes him as Dayglo Doug.

Amanda failing to deal with her PTSD ends up being fired after almost drowning a patient. Hailey fails to deal with the bullies at school until Smoothie helps her. In prison, the entity within Blue kills the henchmen sent after him by Sonny.
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this episode was so bonkers, I'm not even sure if the musical fight scene was a hallucination or just some crazy thing for not reason.

I'm unsure how Smoothie appeared to choke the girl, and in the next moment he's not there and the bleachers closed on her? Is he magic?
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I have decided Nick is some sort of crazy inverse Batman: he's crazy unprepared, and is invincible as long as he is half-assing a fight.
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"I should've been a TV detective."
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this episode was so bonkers

... and so dark.

The Mean Girl saying " I'm gonna eff you until you love me!" before getting smooshed in the bleachers? O.O

And the poor A/V girls, some of the last kids with imaginary friends, only to lose them when they see the sex tape.

(But in a detached way, I can appreciate using Betamax tapes as a bit of security through obscurity.)
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