RuPaul's Drag Race: The Draglympics
April 6, 2019 2:34 PM - Season 11, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Love Connie leads a quick-drag workout, the queens compete in Draglympic floor routines, and choreographer Travis Wall and Olympians Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu guest judge.
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A'KERIA'S RUNWAY LOOK WAS EVERYTHING. They should make a cast of her, scale it down, plate it in gold, and make that the new Drag Race trophy. Goddamn.
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OMG when Vanjie was crying in the workroom I was full-on Mama Bear shouting at the screen, "You haven't let anyone down YOU ARE PERFECT AND THE WORLD LOVES YOU!"

Then that goddamn leotard came down the runway....

Also, though I love Rajah's utter lack of filter in her confessionals, I think Scarlet should've Shantay'd.

Great ep; Travis Wall clearly got the post-Eureka memo not to hospitalise any queens. I like dance challenges a lot, and was so happy that Glamazonia pulled it off.
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Travis Wall clearly got the post-Eureka memo not to hospitalise any queens"

Meanwhile he still had the EDS queen flinging herself about like nobody's business. Not surprised Yvvie popped an ankle. To be honest I'm surprised she hadn't popped it sooner, she's done a lot of flips and whatnot already. EDS is a bitch like that.

I do think both teams did well on this challenge, actually. Scarlett was clearly having a Kimchi level Bad Time dancing (I feel her - I can't do choro to save my damn life) but she did what she could the best she could and managed to get it to work. I did kind of find her runway really dull - she would have been better wearing the reveal.

"Butterflies are a sore subject on Ru Paul's Drag Race."
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I 10000% groaned when Vanjie came down the runway in that body suit. GIRL. Come on. Let's do this but NOT IN A BODY SUIT DAMMIT.

I laughed my ass off at Vanjie's "Sometimes the old school phrase 'If you don't got anything nice to say just let those bitches go home'... sometimes that applies!"

The routines were a big old mess. Everyone faded into the background. This was probably also the most boring Untucked ever. I have no idea what they were going on about about the wigs. Unnecessary.

Scarlett's early elimination was extremely surprising. I thought for sure we'd have her around like Alexis Michelle being all totally delusional about her totally fine but not amazing abilities.
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A'keria reminds me of Denise Huxtable in her confessionals and Kennedy Davenport in her drag.
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Yesterday I learned the term scag (drag), used in reference to Love Connie.

Yvie was interesting this episode, beyond her ankle twist. Her opening critiques of the queens who have been playing it safe got push-back but the queens mostly said "yeah, she's right." And now it makes more sense - if she saw her "future self" in a wheelchair in 10 years, at 35 or so, she's really here to make it matter.

Question to folks who know more -- how much time do queens usually have between getting the call that you're on Drag Race and the start of the season? It seems like you'd spend time to hone those skills you don't have, knowing what RuPaul asks of the queens. Diversify your wardrobe, get some dance lessons, learn how to make a dress in a pinch.
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This was probably also the most boring Untucked ever. I have no idea what they were going on about about the wigs. Unnecessary.

Ditto. They need to either outlaw talking about stuff we haven’t seen or, ya know, show it.
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Just in case anyone's super into Drag Race and Steven Universe, I poorly photoshopped a thing.
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That Love Connie piece linked in the FPP was interesting - I also didn't know the term scag drag but had seen quite a bit of it. I found it interesting that Connie seemed to have shaved his legs (and maybe chest; I didn't scrutinise too much) for his appearance on Drag Race, whereas in the article he clearly has a hairy chest and legs. But now reading that article makes me realise why Love Connie was on: there's an upcoming World of Wonder show featuring her.
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