RuPaul's Drag Race: From Farm To Runway
April 13, 2019 7:43 AM - Season 11, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The queens use organic ingredients to create sickening but sustainable high fashion looks. Supermodel Amber Valletta and reality star Kandi Burruss guest judge. Drag queen Alyssa Edwards makes a guest appearance.
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I agree with this take-away from Tom + Lorenzo:
The expiration dates on Ra’Jah and Silky were flashing brightly last night, but we could tell from the beginning which one was on the chopping block. We understand a frustrated queen lashing out because she’s doing badly in the competition, but Ra’Jah’s attacks and asides got really nasty this time. And Silky’s unbelievably tone-deaf declarations that America was going to fall in love with her no matter what anyone else says are starting to come off incredibly delusional. She’s simply not the charmer she thinks. Yvie does not let up once she starts going, in the manner of a queen who values bluntness and lives with constant chronic pain. She can be a bit much, but she hasn’t said a thing about the other queens that wasn’t true on some level.
I'm solidly on Team Yvie, though she seems to also be a bit of a shit-stirrer. Saying true things doesn't mean you're not a shit-stirrer. And I agree with T+O that this was Yvie's week to win, because denim + orange slices != "organic farm produce" to me, even if Brook Lynne's look was great, IMO.

Also, I made a thing! Did somebody order an extra side of extra-ness?
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That is my favorite quote from this episode. Also, it would make for a great entrance line. I might start using it when I walk into faculty meetings: “Did somebody order an extra side of extra-ness?”
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Brooke Lynn posted someone’s compilation of her reaction shots (culminating in the sofa cushion fort) to her instagram. Gold.

I actually wonder if Silky is that far off. I mean, people inexplicably voted Valentina Miss Cong— er, Fan Favorite.
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Sofa fort? Was that from Untucked?
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Yes, and Untucked is absolutely required viewing this week.
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Did nobody sleep or eat the night before this episode was shot? People were craaaaabby. I'm tiring of Yvie - if you're fighting with everyone, maybe you're the issue, even if what you're bringing is 'truth". I can't decide how to feel about Silky (or Dr. Ganache as Ru calls her, surely somewhat sarcastically) - she's been hanging with Vanjie on Vanjie's Instagram stories and the two of them together are hysterical. But she's not Latrice M-F Royale after 7 episodes, that's insane.
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My two faves fighting in Untucked makes me sad. I love Yvie and Vanjie, but that argument made little to no sense. Especially when Vanjie kept admitting Yvie was right, so why all the yelling!

I have a lot of patience with Yvie because as a fellow blunt person I had to learn as I got older that people should come to me for my opinion and that how I word it matters.

Also, I get how aggravating it could be as someone who is very straightforward being stuck in a room full of people who spew hatred behind the backs of people they are smiling at.

This is the most personality I've seen from Brooke, so that was nice.

Glad to see Ra'jah finally sashay away - she wasn't a lip sync assassin, she was just marginally better that the other queens in the bottom.

I think Silky and Sugah are the weakest remaining queens, and of the two I'd really like to see Silky gone already. She isn't a "Baby Latrice", she isn't even in the same hemisphere as Latrice MFing Royale.

Isn't Ru calling Silky Dr. Ganache because Silky said she is working on her PHD?
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She has a master’s degree in organizational behavior and said she is thinking about applying to PhD programs. Kind of a distant remove from a “Dr.”
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My two faves fighting in Untucked makes me sad. I love Yvie and Vanjie, but that argument made little to no sense. Especially when Vanjie kept admitting Yvie was right, so why all the yelling!

I was thinking the same thing but I kind of wondered whether Vangie's voice and demeanour is just like that and makes her sound more hostile than she's trying to be. She was certainly getting a bit of a redeeming edit by having the talking heads with her softening what she was saying during Untucked, which was an interesting production approach considering we didn't get the same thing with, say, Rajah or Plastique during their fight. Makes me wonder whether it indicates that Vanjie will be in the competition for a long time and it's meant to rebuild her with the audience.
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