My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 455: Fear Sponging Material
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Take a load off, friends. We know you've got your fair share of worries ā€” heck, we all do. We're here for you! Just whisper 'em right here, right up our shirt sleeve. Let the shirt do the rest. Suggested talking points: The Taxmen Cameth, The Good New Art, Moto Dog, Ticket to Family, Cavemans, Pretzel Abominations, Bustin' In, Koi Care
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This was a dangerous one for me: I was out walking around in public while listening to it, and patronus/months had me doubled over in silent choked-back laughter
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When Justin was like, "I don't want to do it anymore. I don't like that guy." about paying taxes, I thought that was really funny because I had that EXACT SERIES OF THOUGHTS on Friday when I was paying my taxes. Like I literally don't want to do this and I can't believe I actually have to.

Also when they were talking about cigarette boats, and then Justin was saying 'If you don't know what a cigarette boat is, it sounds like something wild' I was like yes, Justin, it DOES sound wild, PLEASE explain what it is, is it the boat you get from the cigarette coupons? And then Travis was like "When I was little I thought it was the boat you got from cigarette coupons" And I was like "OK so it's NOT that?" I still don't know what a cigarette boat is lol.
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This was a great episode, despite the fact that I had to skip the intro because of ~tax anxiety~. I love the idea of keeping fish in clear garbage bags lying around the house. You'd have to rig up some sort of circulation system, but it would be so easy to give them a change of scenery every so often! If you use a tough enough material for the bag, you might even be able to use them as beanbag chairs...
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I still don't know what a cigarette boat is lol

you know, it's a GO-FAST BOAT!
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Iā€™m pretty sure the brothers have talked about cigarette boats before, only because my brother also listens to mbmbam, and when they talked about it previously he texted me because growing up, our family had a little boat that was, yes, obtained from cigarette coupons.

Our aunt saved up all her Marlboro points or whatever and bought us an inflatable kayak with them. We named it Little Puff because, well, what else would you name it? And it was registered as a boat because in our state, anything on the water with more than three chambers had to be registered, and Little Puff had removable inflatable seats.
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I had that same Marlboro kayak! We used it once and then someone stole it out of our yard! The one and only time something got stolen from our yard.
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