Mystery Science Theater 3000: CODE NAME: DIAMOND HEAD   Rewatch 
April 17, 2019 10:34 PM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

I have some issues with the internet popularity poll I made that decided the "top 50" episodes of MST3K to watch. This is one of the biggest of those issues. I'm not sure how Code Name: Diamond Head (an actual Quinn Martin, made-for-TV production) got as many votes as it did. I guess some people just like it. It's got the short A Day At The Fair, at least. Anyway, enjoy this failed pilot for a kind of spy series. Previously.
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I like it, actually, although this is one of the fairly rare times that they ran a joke into the ground. Yes, Ian McShane was Lovejoy, noted already.
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In fairness, A&E promoted the FUCK out of Lovejoy, like it was goddamned Star Wars or something.

But yeah, I can see why it got a lot of votes. The short is dynamite, and the movie is downright watchable. One of my in-laws who's generally anti-MST likes this one, for example. I mean, it's got that pilot stink, for sure, and I'm not saying I would've tuned in every week… but had I been a network suit, I might've greenlit it, honestly. It's sort of like a proto-Magnum but with a welcome whiff of seriousness.
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It's time for MST Club once again, where we watch an MST episode (usually that week's) together in a shared video chat room along with other things. This happens at starting at 7 PM (all times Eastern) for a preroll feature (usually a weird movie), and with the episode beginning at 9, and often with more weirdness after the episode as well. I hope you can make it!
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I will admit to really liking this one - I can watch it over and over. I just think it is the epitome of 70s cop/spy shows. Plus, it features Elaan of Troyius!
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